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  1. Happy Birthday Nitrox*!

    1. Sasirou


      Happy Birthday

  2. I didnt change the gametype. Gametype was still TDM but g_TDMObjBonus was set to 100. Since g_TDMScore = 170 and it's kill based rather than XP based, completing the obj was giving 100 points to the winning team, and probably ending the round most of the time. I chaned g_TDMObjBonus to 15, but it will probably need to be added into the server config. For those who don't know about cvars and stuff, here's a little part of the N!tmod doc:
  3. Omnibot 0.8 crashes randomly on Windows NT 5.X systems. I contacted omnibot team to tell them about this issue, and they fixed it. crapshoot sent me the fixed botlib and told me an official fix should be released on omnibot website soon. I sent this fixed botlib to daredevil, and he replaced the old one with the fixed one. The crash shouldn't be caused by omnibot,neither by N!tmod (2.0b8 runs perfectly with the fixed botlib on my local server). daredevil should update the server to N!tmod 2.0 PreRelease3 soon, hopefully it will fix the problem. If it doesn't, then there is maybe something wrong with the server itself...
  4. happy birthday

  5. HappyBirthdayDude:)

  6. :o ur french
  7. Master servers are unreachable. It happens sometimes but they will probably be back online soon (hopefully). It may also slow down the start process of servers, at least it happend to me yesterday night when i was reinstalling some servers. Servers try to resolve "etmaster.idsoftware.com" (and every other masters that have been defined in the server config) and it takes a few seconds before timing out. For the moment you can still use SplatterLadder and browse their serverlist in order to find a server where to play, or simply play on our servers
  8. Bin tu vas attendre longtemps, je ferais pas de wiki, y'a plus de 2000 lignes de doc et www.nitmod.com pour le reste.

  9. J'attend toujours un site "wiki" pour nitmod... :-/

  10. Bose ftw I'm using Bose Intra earphones (115€ ) and I love them, awesome sound quality, but definitely not in the price range you specified lol
  11. gao, u're wrong I want to delay it 1.4 will be released within the next week, and i think it's worth waiting a few days =) We just have some things to do before the final release, such as... the new website Our forums and bug tracker will be moved on this website, so we will have our real "N!tmod dedicated community" instead of being hosted on a clan community (nothing against F|A, that was a decision took by me and gao). Anyway, do not worry, 1.4 download links will be posted as soon as we open the new site to the public =D
  12. I want a coffee!!


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