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N!tmod 1.3 Final RELEASED!!




Hi there!


1.3 Beta tests were sucessful and all the known bugs have been fixed.


We are now able to release 1.3 Final for public use.


N!tmod main features :

  • Improved security (bug fixes, q3fill attacks protection, callvote bugfix, etc...)
  • Lot of code optimizations
  • HUGE Code cleanup!
  • LUA Support
  • Omnibot 0.71 Support
  • ETPub map voting gametype
  • New TDM Gametype
  • Built in shrubbot sytem (including short commands !li !he !set etc.., greetings, greetings sounds)
  • Forcecvar
  • sv_cvar (still needs to be fixed)
  • New weapons : MP5, Poison, Bomb
  • Spree/Frag records database
  • Light pk3 (3.33Mb)
  • New body hitbox, not as large as before, more realistic. (can be enabled/disabled with g_realbody server cvar)
  • ETPro realhead code (g_realhead)
  • Lower memory/CPU usage (due to code optimizations and cleanup)
  • Inactivity and Spectator inactivity
  • Sprees/Multikills notifications
  • Modified HUD
  • 5 levels skills system
  • Panzerwar & Sniperwar
  • New awards : Most revives, Most Heals, Panzernoob, Highest damage, and more
  • Adren, flakjacket, mines spotting, enemy recognition carries over (can toggle with a few cvars)
  • Mortar, Panzer and Rifle Grenade cam
  • Damageable explosives (aristrikes, hand grenades, smoke bombs, bombs, satchels)
  • Modified scoreboard


You can download 1.3 Final here.


Remember that you need to install the lua libs (Win32 servers will not start without the lua libs). Download them here


Here is the list of the changes that have been made between 1.1 and 1.3 :

  • Reactivated canister kicking (by pressing the activate key, usually bound to F)
  • Bots can use all their classes available primary weapons (including MP5 if the weapon script is added on the bots weapons folder)
  • Fixed a bug with heavy weapons limitations and bots
  • Added Map spree records and Map frags records (see g_dbdirectory in the documentation)
  • Code optimizations
  • Fixed 1.1 bugs
  • Resized and moved some HUD texts.
  • Reactivated body gibs
  • Added !records shrubbot commands to display map spree records
  • Poison maxammo bugfix (introduced in 20100126 nightly)
  • Removed g_logOptions cvar (some of these can be useful and if server admins don't set the cvar they cant get useful information out of their logs)
  • Documentation fixes (Thanks to .:|bAd|:.bLINk for reporting all the documenation mistakes)
  • Major bugfix : Players profiles (ETfolder/nitmod/profiles/X/etconfig.cfg) was erased everytime they connected on a server.
  • cg_noAmmoAutoSwitch fixed
  • Fixed old bug where player was going through some doors/movers.
  • Fixed weaponpickup bugs
  • Fixed a few limbo bugs (weapon blackbox / wrong weapon)
  • Helmet rank icons fixed
  • Fixed /class bug (saying "*Weapon* is disabled" )
  • Don't !pants dead (or wounded) players
  • Menus fixes
  • Players now get adrenaline as soon as they reach level4 medic if it carries over (ex.: if you !give X skills and X = soldier, he doesnt need to respawn to have it)
  • Some minor code fixes.
  • Fixed forcecvar exploit (/quit and then reconnect to avoid cvars being forced)
  • sv_cvar fully fixed
  • Added !leveledit command (to modify levels without manually ediding the shrubbot file)
  • Added !levlist command to list all available levels and their names
  • New shrubbot system, the shrubbot file will now use command names instead of flags (see shrubbot section in the documentation)
  • Added "pmspec" shrubbot flag, people with this flag will be able to see private messages when they're spectator
  • "specchat" shrubbot flag will now allow players to see fireteam chats when spectator.
  • Fixed a bug with team_max*weapon*
  • g_sniperWar and g_panzerWar aren't set to 0 when intermission starts, it wasn't good for admins that want to run a sniper/panzer server.
  • Removed g_poisonExtraClips.
  • Fixed a bug with a vote flag
  • Fixed FG42 Animation bug


Official Server : (ET MultiVersion, 100Mbps)


Report any bugs. Give us your opinion, or new ideas.


Official forums : http://nitmod.ath.cx/ (Hosted on F|A forum)


Official Bug Tracker : http://fearless-assassins.com/forum/tracker/


Send me a PM, add me on Xfire (joyce975), or join our IRC Channel (#nitmod on irc.freenode.net) for any support.


Thanks for giving nitmod a try. We hope you like it :D



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