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The Grind




Hello Everyone, how are you all. Many of you know me but for new folks or to those who dont know me , My name is Mr.Karizmatic ( RL : Abdul Mufeed ) . i  am from INDIA ( Hyderabad) yeah yeah our biryani is famous. Well i was meaning to write a blog from soo soo long time , finally after my master plato started the trend ,i thought i shall share some of my life situation and stuff. 


First of all BIG thanks to all the people who supported me in everything and helped me become staff. 


After becoming staff, i know alot of you havnt seen much of me, that is because i was super busy with my RL job, i am a Mechanical Engineer . I have moved forward in a field called HVAC ( heating ventilation and Air Conditioning ) it is a branch of mechanical engineering. I started my job in september of 2017 and it was going great, i was doing small projects where i have to design , Calculate how much Cool air a room needs , by looking into each criteria . we calculate how much heat a room is getting from outside and inside and then we design to eradicate that heat and keep the temperature at a Human comfort level. and than we shall decide what duct size we need to move the airflow from one place to another at what velocity and at what friction level . etc... And many more things are there, i wont bore u guys.


So basically 2 months back we got 2 big projects , and the client is one of the biggest clients in INDIA . So we got 2 projects from them 1 is in Bangalore( Ground to 5th floor) and other is in Delhi(Ground to 6 floors). We started working on both projects simultaneously. We have to do heatload calculations,duct designing,duct routing,diffuser placement,All mechanical equipment placements etc etc. So i was working from past 45 days for almost 12-15 hours everyday, sometimes i worked for 30hrs too. I am not complaining cause i was learning soo much . That is the reason i wasnt available much on forums or servers, and i was lacking in INS and DOI work too, but finally 1 project banglore project is almost done we have designed and Revit modelling is also over. Delhi project is also going on. Finally i am starting to have more free time and i can come home in actual office hours. This was the reason i wasnt much active and wasnt been around lately. But i am back and shall be working more as a STAFF with my responsiblities and everything. I am still learning. 

Now for DOI and INS , this is one of the closest things to me , i have been working on this both games from past 7-8 months i think or more. And i think ( i maybe wrong or 100% right ) alot of them thinks that i alone call the shots and dont listen to anyone or doesnt care about feedback etc. This is 100% wrong. There are leaders above me whom i discuss and ask there permissions, And Including DD. I never took any decision on my own, So plz plz dont think that they gave me the access and now i am behaving like a god that i have all the access of both games and i am not listening, DD and leaders can take the access from me easily with in a second. I have never broken there trust and i never will. ANd to all the DOI and INS or any memeber or regular in this clan plz plz if u have anything to say to me plz let me know, i know i have done alot of mistakes , i m not perfect , but i m ready to learn from my mistakes and not repeat them. i am not sooo good at communication and my english isnt that good so alot of time i come out as a rude person. But i am trying on that and working on it. Hope those who dislike me or thought some bad stuff we can start over again and work together.

I am always always open for suggestion and everything. My PM or Discord is always open , even on steam too. IF u want to help plz plz come forward, i always need helping hands, don't wait for me to ask, cause i dont know who can do what and who don't. But if you know stuff and wants to help doesn't matter if it is small or big , just let me know or post on forums, together we can make INS and DOI an awesome #1 servers and by that F|A will be on TOP always. We all are F|Amily . Again i want to apologies if i ever disrespected u guys or anything. 

Lets work together and make this clan a better place and to keep this clan alive for many many years to come.


Thankyou all :)



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Hey K, thanks for clarifying yourself to me! Thanks for helping me the other day on vc though it was brief as well as the other times here and there through chat. You are a busy man (better busy than not right?) and I think you're great. Glad RL job is a success for you.



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