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Fearless Assasin




Ok i wanna share my view about this clan so bare with my english and nonsense somewhat lol :P


So i started playing et from 07-08 and there was many new clans at that time and i njoyed in many clans many big clans and small clans and came across hundreds of rules and i know many many rules about servers and forums and many clans have rules different from each other... before i quit et 2 yrs back my last clan on which i played like 2 -3 times was F|A and i was like cool clan and i made an account but then i quit et cause of college later when i came back to ET well there was no shadow of doubt which clan i shall play and love to join and represent and be a part of F|Amily so i started playing ET bt like never thought i shall apply the day i started playing et again cause i didnt knew i would be playing it regularly then when i started play on F|A and saw admins being cool i mean seriously cool like i have seen many admins from many clans they are kind off not so friendly and like supports each other sooo much and gives exception to use some words so i loved it like they are having awesome fun with players and within admin team i loved that and then the players were epic from many different nations ( my country india too) and were just respecting each other and even have sarcastic moments well whatelse u need after a hectic day a fun great hours ... and then i went and read the rules the admin rules and player rules and i was like WOW this rules are some really kickass rules i mean other clans will mute kick ban like after 1 or 2 bitching and i see this clan gives player chance to make himself clear or like change and i was like wow this is different and cool... i knw i m boring u guys :P hehe so i shall conclude it with saying THIS IS EPIC CLAN THAT'S WHY ITS No.1 (sorry for caps ) and i m really really happy i applied and i will be sooooo sooo honoured if i get accepted and to my referalls u shall be one proud referals :D


Sorry for my grammer and spellings :P

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Be patient now. ;)

You still have a ways to go... make good good use of commands at lvl3 and then 4, and then perhaps you get trial. :D

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