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Fearless Assassins From my view

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The Grind

Hello Everyone, how are you all. Many of you know me but for new folks or to those who dont know me , My name is Mr.Karizmatic ( RL : Abdul Mufeed ) . i  am from INDIA ( Hyderabad) yeah yeah our biryani is famous. Well i was meaning to write a blog from soo soo long time , finally after my master plato started the trend ,i thought i shall share some of my life situation and stuff.    First of all BIG thanks to all the people who supported me in everything and helped me become staff. 



Fearless Assasin

Ok i wanna share my view about this clan so bare with my english and nonsense somewhat lol   So i started playing et from 07-08 and there was many new clans at that time and i njoyed in many clans many big clans and small clans and came across hundreds of rules and i know many many rules about servers and forums and many clans have rules different from each other... before i quit et 2 yrs back my last clan on which i played like 2 -3 times was F|A and i was like cool clan and i made an accoun



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