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Kicking Horse: Three Sisters review




This is my first entry into my new blog, reviewing coffee, from the beans to the aroma in my cup. And I am proudly starting with Canada's most popular coffee, Kicking Horse; particularly the Three Sisters blend.


This coffee could be perhaps be considered on the pricey side, with most coffee beans selling at anywhere from $4-8 per pound, $12 per pound for the is easily double the average cost. I was however, able to find this in my local supermarket, unlike some coffees which need to be bulk ordered from specialty stores or online.


Upon opening the bag, I found them to not be overly oily, something I find rare for packaged coffee. There was, however enough oil on the beans to prevent them from degassing. Simply put, they were washed properly. My burr grinder confirmed this for me, as it ground them at a fine grind for my gold filter with ease, no jamming whatsoever.


Dosing out their recommended 2 tablespoons per 1 6oz cup, I preheated my filter to 135 degrees Fahrenheit, and poured the grounds in, starting the brew cycle in my coffee maker. It took roughly 6 minutes to pour 4 cups of coffee, which is the norm for a Technivorm and without letting it sit on the heating plate, I poured it into my mug.


Tasting: Body, Flavour, Oil:


Upon taking my first sip, it's easy to tell that for a "medium" roast coffee, the body of this is no joke. Deep earthy, woody tastes are easily found on the back of the palette, with the lighter, silkier almost caramel like flavors flow over my mid and front tongue. I can detect no bitterness, instead this is a more tart blend of beans.The taste does not change or strengthen as I drink down the cup, either.

I would not call this an overly robust roast, being more smooth than of espresso quality. However, it provides the needed morning "kick" that has made coffee so popular. I simply prefer it while listening to music, and perhaps writing a story, rather then gulping it down as my first cup.




The aroma of Three Sisters is rather mild, but not so much that it has no impact. it has a very wood like smell, and it makes me flash back to spending hours in oak forests. The tart flavor is immediately obvious in the aroma, announcing itself via a very berry and flower-like smell. It also has essences of chocolate and sugar, which round the smell off nicely, making it not overly sweet, nor overly rich.




This is no ordinary Starbucks roast, nor does it fall into the likes of LavAzza, or Illy. Rather, it rightfully earns a spot as Canada's most popular exported coffee. It also has a unique blend of light, medium, and dark beans, which I believe is why it is able to have a firm body, while not tasting smoky. It also is fair trade, and does not appear to be chemically treated, with it's flavors boldly standing out, rather then being washed out. i would gladly buy this again, and I'll definitely be replacing my current Afternoon coffee beans with these. However, with those who like their coffee to have an espresso quality to their cup, this is not for them, and I doubt that you would be able to achieve such a result even with a double dosage and using a presse.


Rating: 9.0/10 Reason: a bit pricey, even for all it has to offer.

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I love a good cuppa .. u cant beat a proper cup of coffee, so I use Tassimo. Pods in, coffee out  NICE :D


Nice revue tho, very professional and thorough

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