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Java Trading Co: Columbian Supremo + How to make decent hotel coffee





Howdy folks, from the foggy Oregon coast, and I hope you've been doing well.


This entry is a far turn from my first one, which focused on well... high-end coffee. This entry, instead is focusing on budget coffee, or more specifically, the stuff that I am currently "drinking" in my hotel room, while listening to the waves crash upon the shore.


But in all honesty, this stuff is not half bad, especially compared to what I have been drinking. Now that will probably come as a shock to everybody, saying "hotel coffee is weak, bitter, etc." and it is. The key is that you need to have those expectations ahead of time, and brew accordingly. In this case, I brought my #4 cone filters, but I forgot to bring any coffee. -_-|| And of course the local minimart wants $14 dollars per pound of beans that nobody knows how long have been sitting there.


So I went for the pre-packaged "coffee" in a filter, and noting the time, as well as my lack of decent sleep- poured a full pot of water into the reservoir.


And that, probably was the difference between making and breaking that pot -or any hotel coffee-. In this case, it's better to have a weak, watery cup of coffee where you cannot taste the bean's origins and flavor notes than to brew an "optimal" cup, where you taste just how bitter and stale these grounds are.


The aroma is more akin to a cup of tea, than coffee, and despite this being a dark roast- I can't find any body whatsoever. And my stomach is starting to churn... maybe this wasn't a good idea.


The taste is pretty mute- but it goes hand in hand with this dense fog that blankets the ocean, and the surrounding cliffs.


At this point, honestly- despite the fact that I'm trying to give this a fair shot, this tastes like utter shit- and it's as enjoyable as the Windows XP theme song. Upon doing some searching, I've found that this is not the "little company that tried" it's the "big behemoth that failed".


So, anyways, before I go throw up... because my stomach is killing me now... I give this a 2/10 - and the 2 is for being the right temperature.


And will someone please remind me to bring my own coffee to the next hotel I travel to? Bleh.

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