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Not really a Mac guy, but the two sites I find game deals on for pc and mac are: http://www.macappdeals.com/category/bundle/  and https://stacksocial.com/  They're not strictly gaming,but from time to time have really good, cheap gaming bundles.


Also, use this site:  http://www.indiegamebundles.com/


This is for game bundles. Sometimes you can get DRM free copies for Mac. Just stuff you can look into from time to time. :)

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JW...i have the same issue with lack of games for Mac.  I'm to the point of migrating to a PC laptop (non-Mac), just to get access to many more games.  

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Download Wolfenstein ET for Mac, works fine and you wont have to play anything else ;)


But seriously, i also find it hard to buy games for Mac. In Sweden we have mac stores that usually sport a few games, but otherwise we mac users better just tuck in and wait for the rest of the world to realise how superior we are :D

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