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  1. I cant get in...what is the password?
  2. Cicione

    Hey guys

    Welcome back Ol' Smoke! Hope to see you in game soon =)
  3. Van Morrison, A Night in San Francisco (Live album). This is not your typical Van Morrison....listen to track #3...."I'll take care of You/It's a Man's, Man's world"....best Van Morrison ever and you will not hear it on the radio/satellite radio. Also listening to Rachmaninov Piano Concertos No. 1-4.... OK...so I'm a bit older with my tastes...couldn't tell you a single top 40 artist or song =)
  4. Chicago Blackhawks!! I've been following them since I was a kid and remember feeling the floor shake at the old stadium as the crowd stomped and cheered! Most hated team....any team that has Luongo in net!
  5. Freezing my butt off in Chgo! 10 Degrees outside with -6 windchill! BRRRRRR

  6. 1. Learn respect for others. It is not always about you. 2. Schools have protocols they must follow, if you & your mom don't like them, feel free to go to a school where you get to make up the rules. 3. Try that shit in the real world with a police officer and you will learn how it feels like to be tasered, and need fresh underwear too! 4. Try that shitty attitude with you boss/supervisor and see how fast you will be unemployed 5. You are 13 years old, YOU don't know everything, YOU were wrong here & so is your mom for not knowing/following school procedures. 6. Take your punishment, you earned it!
  7. Strong, Robust and Black...always! Great Puerto Rican, Columbian, and Turkish Coffee....mmmm delicious!
  8. Love it! My niece plays ukulele and sings in a band in Portland. I'm going to send this to here to add to her repertoire of songs!
  9. Cicione


    I agree with DKM. While we may think it is obvious that Hacks are including in the "no cheating" arena....many players don't feel hacks are cheating because they say....the game allows them, so I use them". Easier to add it to console !rules so that it is crystal clear.
  10. My Aunt & Uncle had a trampoline when I was a kid. I loved going there & playing on it. Of course, back then, it was just the trampoline, no side wall netting. If you fell off or flew off....oh well! I learned how to do backflips on it and loved seeing how high I could get. Ahhh.....memories =)
  11. Snow in Chicago....in May! So much for spring.

    1. Ol Smoke

      Ol Smoke

      Would you rather be in Carlsbad, CA?

  12. Enough of the Hawks got lucky stuff. Crawford was simply an immoveable wall against the Wild. They had their chances, chances that a better team would have taken advantage of by having players in position to take advantage of the lucky bounces. Kane wasn't lucky, he was smart enough to be in the slot, and good enough to hold the shot and go backhand to get the Wild goalie out of position for an easy goal. That being said, the Wild played great and they have a lot going for them with a little bit more experience and perhaps a player or 2 away from really competing for the Cup. Further, hitting the crossbar is not a goal no matter how you slice it. It is either in or not....crossbar sounds good, but is meaningless on the stat sheet. While the Hawks seem to capitalize on others mistakes and odd bounces, it is their skill level that allows them to bury the biscuit rather than whiff at great opportunities. THAT is skill & experience! And THAT is why they will be hoisting the Cup again in 2014!
  13. No doubt that Sidney Crosby is both a great player and a cry baby. He can be both! I think Crosby is great with the puck and in the offensive zone, but he does not have Jonathon Toews defensive skills nor near his tenacity. Those 2 things that Toews has make him a much better 2-way hockey player and IMO a much better player than Crosby. Crosby reminds me of the little brother with massive talent & ego. Struts around like a peacock, jabbers at his competition, then leaves it big brother to fight the fight he picked. I am very pleased the Rangers won their series and hoping they get the Canadians in their next series cuz I do not care for the Bruins. As for LA or Anaheim....doesn't matter to me....Hawks can beat either in 5 or 6 games. Then on to the big show!
  14. Dang!! I'm not a jealous type...but DANG!!! I am Jealous!!

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