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The Underachievers





For the first spot, a group i've been listening every damn day.


This group is called The Underachievers, a Brooklyn duo. Issa Gold (or Issa Dash, a more friendly name) and AK are the members.

They have a spiritual message behind their music, they are also some weed-tokers, and psychedelic drugs abusers, they believe that we all have a part of divinity in our soul, and the psychedelic helps them to achieve the enlightment and open their 3rd Eye. They have indigo beliefs

They are also in Beast Coast movement, with Flatbush Zombies and Pro Era (will talk about them too!)

All i can say is ear them, they have unique lyricism and their messages, damn, are deep.

You can read an interview they made at MtvHive if you want to know them better.




Take a listen of one of my favorites tracks





If you liked it, give them a try and download their mixtape at datpiff .


Hope you like it, DRE

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