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  1. This goddamn finals make my brain hurt...

    1. RedBaird


      No pain, no gain! haahahahaha

  2. ~DRE*


    Welcome mate! Have a good fragging !
  3. It is very sad... My condolences to you and your/his family. Hope he found peace with himself now
  4. ~DRE*

    Freedom by Exact.

    "There is a big chance that your opinion is another one than the opinion of your neighbour, but does it really matter?" Is nothing wrong with religion because they are all about love, but religion fanatics are the worst. They will try to convince you why their beliefs are right, and that's something I can't figure out why they don't respect different opinions. I think there will start a WW3 soon...
  5. Hello guys, i'm back in here been a long time( not the right section to do this) But i just donated first time Confirmation number: 5NL704771G4458123
  6. I'm kinda back! :P

  7. Since i got my first job, i will try to donate as soon as i can. I have to donate with paypal right? since i had an issue with them last year...
  8. That would be so horrible! But they forgot that people can use alternative methods to access internet, no?
  9. Sorry guys, i have been off lately. My computer took a trip to the ground and now the screen is broken. And i was on holidays too, so kinda busy to get on internet. iIt's kinda late but i wish all a Happy New Year! :D

  10. Happy Birthday ~DRE*!

  11. My eyes had an orgasm, pretty cool !
  12. I just got my first job, each me luck!


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