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The Project




This entry is to update you on the things I'm doing with my project.


Of course I've already done a lot of work, so basically the first part is just pictures. The goal was to make a goldrush-style map, as if it was the next town after goldrush. So I copied some of the structures and buildings from goldrush to have something to start with. After that it was just a matter of creating other structures based on those copied pieces. And after a while you end up with a slightly different style, with the help of some other texturing.


So here's the very first screenshot I took




As you can see I removed all the textures to avoid ending up with the same textures.


After some texturing it looked like this.




Some more filling up empty space. Looks a lot like Goldrush doesn't it?




But wait, there's something buried here...




Together with this last picture of ingame shots, this is about all of the stuff I made in late 2011.




After this I had a long break. A few months ago I decided it was time to go on. And for the first time I dug into scripting. It isn't easy to learn this stuff so don't expect any new stuff.


But before scripting and making the actual objective, I have to finish the surroundings first. And this is going to take some time. Because I like good graphics for ET, my map has to look good, and this is time-consuming...




These next 3 pictures are my latest screenshots.





If you have any suggestions, ideas, inspirational pictures, do's and don't's, please comment and give me some feedback to work with!

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Map looks great, but please try to make sure that the obj isn't so close to an Allied or Axis spawn, depending on whose doing the objective; that's my only rant/suggestion.


nice work

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