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  1. Happy birthday, Gaskie! Have a good one, girl!
  2. This year is our year. Liverpool! This year is going to be very interesting.
  3. Happy birthday, nub! Enjoy the day, man.
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    Hello, Sylwek! Welcome to the forums! Enjoy the servers
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    juicy is 33

    Happy birthday, mate. Have a good one!
  6. But do you have a free copy of Insurgency? Anyway, good looking giveaway. "Forget everything cookies! I want my copy of Insurgency!"
  7. :O Happy birthday sassiiiiiiiiiiiii! <3
  8. 'We are told to remember the idea, not the man, because the man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten. But hundred years later, an idea can still change the world.'
  9. Awesome, I'll be online and will help you out!
  10. Welcome to the forums, mate! Look around the forums and see if anything catches your eyes! :
  11. Divided We Fall! Website Forum Hello everyone. Divided We Fall's older version, Call of Combat was a game I fell in love with before ET or =F|A= as a matter of fact. Simple, clean game. If any of you have played games like Company of Heroes or Command and Conquer, you'll have an idea of this one. Anyway, Call of Combat died because inactivity hit the game. It was really a sad moment for most of us loyal CoC players. Until the Developers decided to bring it back to life. It's now called Divided We Fall. I'm suggesting this game for =F|A=, because then, the 3 things I love related to online gaming will come under one. Unlike ET or COD or any other games with =F|A= servers, Divided We Fall has AG or Army Groups, under just 1 server or a lobby. It's basically creating =F|A= regiment in the game. Regiments battle against each other (can also fight in a open server with anyone, or train) in the numbers 2v2, 3v3 so on! The regiments come with a proper structure like CO (Commanding Officer), XO (Second-in-charge) and under that you get 6 groups/companies. Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot. They are each headed by a CO and has his own XO and under that comes the members. Its a really fun game once you get into it. But, the companies are not yet added to the new version and will be soon added. And also, in the earlier version, opening a regiment used to cost money, but in the newer version, opening of a regiment is free! The game is set around World War II, Allies vs Axis. How the game works is you're given 4 soldiers each. If it's 2 players vs 2 players, it'll be 8 soldiers vs 8 soldiers. Armed with grenades and rifle. There's a chain of command on each side. The highest ranked officer, gives out orders and passes down the extra weapons available like MP40, Tommy, etc. The CO orders you to attack or defend based on the maps. The objective is to kill all the enemies or hold crucial points until the time ticks down. The game is still in its Alpha, and I really appreciate the Developers giving it another go. Check out the website by clicking the name on the top. I have already talked to a Developer from the game and have him registered here so he can confer here with us as well and solve any questions anyone got. AntoineKAVA. The game is going into private Alpha version at the end of July, with just the Developers and donators having access to the game, re-opening again at the start of September. But they were really kind and have agreed to grant a few of us access with the private Alpha version since we could be getting into the game as a clan. Concept Trailer: Trailer: Gameplay: This is an opportunity for us as a clan to meet another community working hard to keep up a game for the players and this will, I believe, prosper into a beautiful relationship. Us gaming communities have to stick together after all. It'll greatly help us out both. I can help out anyone interested with the How To. I'll guide you each step. It could get confusing a little at the start, but it's a really lovely game. It this gets considered for =F|A=, I'll be really happy and will help with anything and can set up a brief walkthrough for everyone. I also got to know the procedure for the application of a regiment and if it gets accepted, I'll gladly help out with the procedure. Oh and it's a completely free game, but you can be a donor. Please do view and the game and let a comment below.

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