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The Beginning



Hello all!


So, it's official, my first blog ever.


There is one main reason for creating this blog. I've doing brushwork (creating buildings and structures) for W:ET for a few years now, but I've never actually done any of the scripting part, so I've never finished a single map. A lot of the brushwork got lost due to computer crashes and other scenarios alike. Now after storing my map on a flash drive once in a while, I feel more confident I will ever finish a map. Plus, I've lately been looking at the scripting part, and I'm learning. So I figured it might be time for a blog so I can update you on my progress, my resources, material, things I've learned and so on. I also hope you can give me feedback, and possibly even help me with feedback and testing.


In the picture below you can see some lost works.



I hope you enjoy it!

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Those pics looks awesome :D!! If you need help with the scrip, let me know. I will see what I can do. Good luck!!

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