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About this blog

Mainly my blog for my W:ET mapping project. But also other W:ET related stuff

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The Project

This entry is to update you on the things I'm doing with my project.   Of course I've already done a lot of work, so basically the first part is just pictures. The goal was to make a goldrush-style map, as if it was the next town after goldrush. So I copied some of the structures and buildings from goldrush to have something to start with. After that it was just a matter of creating other structures based on those copied pieces. And after a while you end up with a slightly different style, wit



The Beginning

Hello all!   So, it's official, my first blog ever.   There is one main reason for creating this blog. I've doing brushwork (creating buildings and structures) for W:ET for a few years now, but I've never actually done any of the scripting part, so I've never finished a single map. A lot of the brushwork got lost due to computer crashes and other scenarios alike. Now after storing my map on a flash drive once in a while, I feel more confident I will ever finish a map. Plus, I've lately been



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