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About this Blog, its Purpose and Common Sense.




At first I was hesitant whether or not I should open a blog of my own. You can guess by now that I decided in favour of a blog. However, in a first try I opened a testblog going by the name of "sssssss" - unfortunately I did not find the option to delete it. It will therefore remain as a ghostblog. RIP. On my second try I figured out the available options as good as I could and I started this blog with an introductory post (the post you're actually reading as a matter of fact). I will try to post here on a regular basis, though I don't know yet what that means. I might write once a week or less, if I have nothing to say. I might as well write on a daily basis, if I am motivated enough to do so.


I guess a blog is a sort of diary. Never tried this before. I hope that, by writing in here I can in some way arrange my thoughts, enjoy writing and even share my thoughts with people who perhaps think the same way, or even feel the same way I do. The idea to share my thoughts was perhaps the main reason for me to not write a private diary, but a public one. The title "Common Sense" is provocative - and I am aware of that, assuming that the things I write down are compliant with society's values and guidelines. Considering at the same time many people most certainly have different opinions, viewpoints, etc. I want to emphasize here that the use of "common sense" is always my subjective point of view. Everything written in this blog is just what I regard as common sense and I don't make the claim that my perception of common sense is the one and only way to understand, accept and act upon. I am aware of different mindsets, I respect those and I don't want to stir up hard feelings. Therefore, upon reading my blog, please keep this in mind. Thank you.


The topics of this blogs will vary. Of course, the title and the afore-mentioned aspects suggest a mainly political and/or social analysis of happenings, laws, and other things by which I was either moved, aggravated, or agitated. However, I will also elaborate on personal issues, hobbies, and daily events and everyday (common) thoughts that pop up in my mind and where I feel the urge to write about it. Trivial matters might come up just as well. Time will show.




Let's Get Ready To Rumble


All that being said, in order for this blog to actually start, I want to fulfil a classic cliché and write about the F|A community. This will probably be your average, everyday hymn of praise and thanks to the leaders and the founders especially. However, I wouldn't be writing here if I were not part of the community, so I think it appropriate to start the blog by doing so. Don't read any further in case you're already fed up with thanks and praises.

I have been part of the F|A family for about six months now and prior to my application in February, I was around the servers approximately four months. In November 2011 I started playing ET again after

years of deprivation. Less active in the beginning, I registered on the forums in December 2011 and read some topics every now and then. More active in the new year, I played on Jay 1 and made the acquaintance of Pianist. Until he asked me if I wanted to join the community I wasn't really aware of the magnitude of the whole F|A Community, the system and organization behind. Therefore, when I finally grasped the extent of the this gaming community, it simply captivated me. First, it was just fascination. So many servers, so many members, and best of all, no professional raters. F|A - a clan for people who just enjoy the gaming experience with friends and contribute each in their way to keep the community alive.

It goes without saying that such an organizational feat wouldn't be possible if all the staff didn't put in a lot of sweat, nerves and above all: A lot of time. Let alone the expenses of the server setup and the

maintenance. I want to thank you for making this possible. It has been said a lot times before, but I think it cannot be said too often. Thanks for your efforts, to make our personal gaming experience an unforgettable one. Thanks for setting up the servers, keeping them up to date, keeping them alive and putting trust in the members of the community. Thanks for the money you invest in this clan without gaining anything from it (apart from praises and happy members' feedback).

At this point I also want to thank all the members and regulars who willingly donate money to keep the servers alive and to support the community wherever possible. This is what makes this community so

special, because this clan brings together people from so many countries around the world, with different views, traiditions, lives and cicrumstances. Yet, they all have something in common. They share a passion for gaming and this community. Therefore, I hope that people will continue to give their support. The probably most efficient way to do this is by donating, of course. And I would like everyone to reconsider, if the time you spend in this community, the hours you play with friends, the feelings, the happiness and the joy you share - if all those are not worthwile a little donation from time to time. The funds needed for server setup are insignificant if only everyone would donate a tiny fraction. Given the number of active members, it should be possible. On the one hand it vexes me sometimes that seemingly few members stem most of it. On the other hand I appreciate it that the community works fine without an obligatory member fee and that it somehow works out fine (until now) with donations given by people who really want to support.

Of course, I do not want to point at someone, because he simply cannot donate, for whatever reasons. There are a lot of members in this clan who contribute without actually donating. There are many who do a great job in recruiting new members. The larger the community, the more versatile the people, the culture and the friends you can make. Keeping the servers clean, doing admin work, helping members, regulars and guests, writing tutorials, giving advice. The people in this community contribute in most different ways and keep the community alive and diverse. Thank you again.


I would also like to point out what seems to be an issue recently. I observed that quarrels, or disagreements within the ranks sometimes turn ugly and lead to ill feelings. Still, in most cases I could see that people are able to pull themselves together and try to solve the issue with common sense. If in the end, they can settle their disagreement and, with help of moderators, part as friends, then they constitute a valuable asset to the clan itself. Conflict management in this clan proves to be very efficient and in most cases successful which is another aspect of this multi-cultural community which captivated me. It is completely normal that conflicts arise when so many people with different views, traditions and values come together. All the more it is impressive that these conflicts can be solved with a positive outcome, which is the most important thing I guess. Due to that the community still exists, lives on and makes intercultural exchange possible. Thank you.



Here end my thoughts for today. While I think about what to write next time, I hope that I could outline my motivation for being in this clan and share my views regarding the clan-life, support and management. Feel free to contact me or simply write in the comments, if you want to share your thoughts on this topic with me. I would be more than happy to hear from you. Thanks.


Thistle (edited new name in)

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Congratulations for a well-written blog entry that you have here, abit long but worth reading them, you should be writing article for a living i guess. Nice one, kudos!

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i just miss you man....hope to see you in server soon...pinoy's right.this is a blog worth reading...i'm not a blogger but i really wish i can express myself thru writing like what you did here today..keep it up :-D

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Thank you both. Pianist, I have been on server quite a lot today. Mainly NQ2 and Jay2 though... We will meet soon enough! I am sure about that. I didn't disappear into the Void =)

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