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  1. Me, I tend to linger in hugs just to make them awkward
  2. Oh man, I love space games! I know I will get this and suck so badly at it, just like the other civ games
  3. I mostly program in c#. My current job I work in the telco industry as a programmer for switches and data management. In my spare time I play with unity. I went to school for a computer science degree, they focused on java / c++ with java being the primary. I have worked with a wide range of languages, assembly / ansi c / c++ / pascal / basic / c# / php / lisp / scheme / java / javascript oops, forgot the tools. Well, I use visual studio, it rocks, haven't found a better IDE. I also use programmers notepad quite a bit to write sql
  4. Happy Birthday uncasid!

  5. No, it just shows you spend time.. world edit achieves the same "skill" in less time
  6. i like making castles . world edit will make the work much faster.. hint
  7. nice baska!! you make some pretty sweet stuff!
  8. Hurray for killbox!

  9. This group doesn't really have a leader.. I think the media is doing what it does best.. making a mountain out of a mole hill. Heck, I could go online and say "I declare war on twinkies, I am anonymous", print out the locations of their stores.. BAM, media goes crazy thinking I have uber powers.
  10. hurray for killbox.. i have missed that server, and the skilled players on it...
  11. Sorry joe, figured that since people were writing it had been revived.
  12. Well, the way it will always work with minecraft is like this: If bukkit hasn't been updated (you know, the part that keeps greifers out), we won't put in the new patch. http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/craftbukkit-for-minecraft-1-4-4-development-build-is-now-available.110956/ As you can see, it isn't a "official release", which also means that the plugins we use most likely aren't updated either. I am sure you could talk them into a temporary server to play on, as long as you understand that the server will be going away. This also means anything you build would go away.

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