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About this blog

This blog mainly is about self-evident facts and different mindsets. Everyday subjects might come up.

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Closing down.

I lost my common sense and am therefore closing this blog. No sense writing about something I don't have.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you anyways =)

That much at least has to be said!


Best regards,



Climate Change? Ever heard of it? You know, it's about polar ice caps melting, the rising sea level and countries such as the Netherlands disappearing into the wide oceans of this world. It is supposed to be a sad story of humankind, industrialisation and its severe consequences for the environment and why we should act now. Heartwarming. I am well aware of these problems and dangers.


Now, see here, I was one of those avid advocates that tried to do something for this planet. No, Greenpeace was not my cup of tea. Within my small little world I was happy that I could contribute to a better environment by simply practicing waste separation, supporting recycling measures, etc. I was proud that Germany was (and probably still is) among the leading nations when it comes to counter-measures to climate change, and measures for environmental improvements. Just one example: Usually, most of German households have about 4 gargabe bins. One for papers and cardboards (blue bin), one for biological waste such as leaves and soil (brown bin), one for synthetic material (yellow bin) and one for all the rest (grey/black bin). This elaborate system helps recycling all sort of garbage and keep the world clean. Did you know that we pay a kind of mortgage for bottles?

Example: You buy a bottle of water. The water costs you 19 cents. But you pay 25 cents for the bottle. So, alltogether I paid 44 cents for a bottle of water. The tricky issue here, if you give the bottle back, when you drank the water, you get refunded 25 cents. This system works out quite well. People don't just throw their plastic bottles away, but collect them to get the "mortgage" back. The bottles are recycled and reused, instead of littering the environment. Just keep in mind that our oceans are already littered with nano-particles of synthetic material to the extent that fish integrated these particles into their natural cycle. Mh, yummy.


Renewable energies is one of the key concepts at hand, which will decide our future - or so they say. When people want to build solar collectors on the roof, they are financially supported by the government in Germany ( to a certain degree - it is still expensive). On-shore and off-shore wind power, geothermics, hydropower. Google them if you're not sure how they work. I just named them to show how many different and proven methods one could use to make a change. Some try. They got my respect for that. Others just don't want to invest for our future generations, knowing that these measures require long-term planning and high costs until they finally pay off decades later. Humans really are short-sighted and ignorant sometimes. No personal offense meant. Sorry for that.


All this sounds good to you? Yeah, I like it. It all sounds good, reliable and one could think, "Man, they put some thought into this." However, The breaking point is here: Germany is a small country. We actually account for around 3,5 % of the worldwide CO2 emissions. :mellow: So, Germany is trying to change, but what can it do. So, why do I actually care? I thought a lot of times, why should I care? What good comes from making all these efforts, while the other nations, responsible for most of the CO2 emissions, don't do shit to help? Again, no personal offense to any readers of those nations - I just sometimes get really depressed pondering over those problems. My common sense tells me that we all live on this planet and we all probably want our children to live here as well. I can't imagine humanity building colonies on Mars anytime soon. So we got to take care of what we have. But as long as the three nations responsible for most of the emissions do not change their attitude and close their eyes towards those problems, nothing will come of it. We can try to save the planet all we want and recycle our garbage 24/7 - it won't change a thing.


And I still care. Even though I often thought about just f*kng forget about recycling, it has become a habit I still do it. I am aware that the necessary infrastructure is missing in many countries in order to do proper recycling, but I hope that some of, after reading this, consider it a a step into the right direction. Perhaps you will even start recycling... who knows!



I want to close this post with a video of a little girl that left a strong impression on me, when she spoke. Most of you probably know it already. I still watch it sometimes. People, thinking like her, are the future. Still, this speech, however powerful it may seem while you watch it, you realise afterwards that these efforts will probably remain unanswered. That's a sad truth.



Recently, I bought a Nokia Lumia 900. I really thought about it a lot, since the new 920 version with Windows Phone 8 and dual core support. However, I decided not to wait until November for two reasons: Firstly, the newest Nokia 920 will probably be very expensive and secondly, despite all the "not-so-good" reviews for the Lumia 900, it is working just fine and exceeding all my expectations. Prior to Nokia Lumia, I was running everything on my HTC HD2, but the Lumia surpasses it easily in everything that's important to me. I am an advocate of Windows Phone software. The app market is getting new apps every day, more than the android app market, which seems to be a dying section. Windows Phone is smoothly functioning, easy to handle, and performs good. Also, with a Windows Live ID there are pretty much no limits to one's online activity... just naming i.g. Sky Drive.


Now, the new tablet announced by Microsoft, Surface, will probably have a heavy impact on the world of tablets. First and foremost, this new tablet creates anxieties amongst other competitors. The reason for that is that Microsoft will launch this project for a mere 199 US-dollars per tablet (probably). This price is only possible since Microsoft will subsidise this new tablet, in order to take over the market and attract many people, who probably wouldn't buy tablet for 400$+. This low price doesn't mean, however, that the tablet is inferior to others. It will be a very strong opponent for other tablets on the market and DELL as well as HP announced resistance.


Will Apple and Samsung prevail in the future, or will Microsoft rule the world of tablets,...

Interesting: Rumor has it that Microsoft hold about 30% of Apple's stocks since 1997, when Microsoft helped out Apple, which was in a financial crisis. Samsung as well as Apple both have to pay license fees for every device they're selling. In the end, is Microsoft behind all of them, ruling the world literally?


Memories of Old

Today, I was browsing computer for old stuff, lost in the deep and dark places somewhere on the hard drive. Naturally, I found lots of stuff noone actually needs. There was a folder full of pictures I collected. You know, the kind of pictures or images you get through constructive chainmails from friends and acquaintances. These mails that tend to spam your email account, till the provider tells you to upgrade your account for more space to collect even more stupid shit. Still, it was really funny. Some of the stuff was worth the time spent on reading/looking at. To be honest, the contents of these messages mainly dealt with stereotypes and prejudices we have towards women / men and their interrelationship. Always good for a laugh, but deep inside you know these stereotypes simply are not true. I mean, we all know women can park their car if there is enough space and no other vehicles in the adjoining parking bays. No secret here... We all know they can do multiple tasks better than men - They can have sex and think about a new kitchen at the same time. We all know that women generally are very open to criticism. And well all know that I am just living these stereotypes in order to fill my blog.



Besides these things, I found other interesting stuff on my hard drive. I stumbled upon an old demo. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the
. A group of people gets together and

sets up an incredible work of art. For some time I was fascinated by these real-time presentations which unfold on your computer if you click the .exe file. The demo art is often tested in competitions where you have to create an audio-visual presentation and compress as much as possible. A demo of 64 kilobytes can unfold to more than one gigabyte, which I did not want to believe at first. A very known group is called "farbrausch". They have some amazing demos on their webpage and for those who are interested to know more about it, I can only recommend a visit.


Here is a little 64kb presentation from around 2000 / 2001 I think. It is pretty amazing what is possible and what they did. I highly suggest to watch it.

Demo (in case you do not want to download the 64kb file, here is a video link: video)


Enjoy =)


Oldtimer PC Games

Hey all,... thanks to Krauersaut, I was motivated to write once more today. And I want to thank him and just so you know. I will repent for my sins and you may slap me if I don't. I hope to be able to write and publish on a daily basis from now on. By the way, while I am at it, I also would like to thank Scream, Yellow Flash, Madara, JayC, QuoVadis, Mango and GI-JOE for the time and work they have recently been putting into the new CS:GO section. They practically build it up from scratch and I really would've liked to help you lot - if it were not for my laptop which is practically as old as the games I am going to talk about. As some already know, I purchased the game, optimistically installed it and the outcome was one hell of a laggy game.


My first computer game was Commander Keen. I didn't have a computer at the time, but I was able to play on someone else's computer. I loved it. The simple jump'n'run strategy captivated me at the age of six. Now, years later, I reinstalled the game and it still works fine. Of course, compared to other games, it is just a little bit outdated. First published in 1990, the protagonist (an eight year-old boy) has to save the Earth / Galaxy from destruction. There are six episodes of this game. Compared to games today they are very easy and one could finish them in just about 2-3 hours. But they really make you feel nostalgic.





Master of Orion II is yet another captivating game, pusblished in 1996. When I first played it, I was fascinated by the sheer complexity of this game. It has certain depth to it and I always like games which took place in space. (Later, I played Freespace, Wing Commander, etc.) The aim is to colonize as many planets as possible and to gain rulership over the galaxy. The planets all differ from eachother, have varying properties, which make it difficult for some races to live on. You can choose from many different races to play with, or simply create our own race. This game also contained a multiplayer, which I never used. Oh, and I forgot, it is turnbased =)





Last but not least,... DOOM. Still have it, still play it. I can't play for long though, because I get a headache easily when I play this game. It is the same with Wolfenstein 3D. I somehow easily get a headache when playing these games. Yet, they are awesome.





There are of course many more "old games" I used to play. Just to name Diablo, Sim City, Heroes of MIght and Magic, Warcraft and Starcraft.... they all will remain in my memory as great games, from great developers. But I am sure that I am not the only one to indulge in nostalgic memories when these names pop up. Probably, most of you have played these games as well, or some along the line.

Y'know... The good old times....



Sports. Be it electronic sports, such as computer games, mental sports such as chess or physical sports. They all exert a sort of attraction on people and sometimes it can be hard to defy them. I feel this way. My body urges me to go to the limit and I can't help it. My favourite sport is cycling. Outdoor cycling. Since I live in an area with where there are a lot of slopes and hills, I use either my mountainbike or my treckingbike. I take my bike out for a ride two or three times a week. Unless it rains. Unfortunately, in Germany there can be quite an amount of rain over a long period. Probably just like England in some ways (is that a stereotype?).


However, I have recently been going to spinning classes and found they are pretty fun. Independent from the weather, I can train whenever I want, as long as I want and with the intensity I choose. It is really convenient and I like it. The big plus would be that I don't train on myself, but with a group of people. That way it is much more fun, I make new acquaintances and get to know my own body and its limits even better.


If you don't know what spinning is like, I searched two videos on Youtube. The first one gives a pretty good overall impression of this sport. The second one (with only women in it) show some kind of choreo...


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XADw0qPVSP4&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9w_t2Z0CRag&feature=related



Spinning is very good sport and depending on how you train, you can achieve your goals. Adjust your training methods for your own purpose (fatburning / endurance training / strenght training). The girls in the second video obviously go for a mix of the first two points. A pulse watch comes in handy, since your can monitor your heart rate and adjust more easily your training intensity depending on what you want to achieve in your training.



I am 27 years old. According to guidelines my maximum heart rate can be calculated, though it always is only an approximate value, unless calculated by a doctor. My maximum heart rate would be 220 - 27 = 193.

Now fatburning starts at 65% (~125) of my maximum heartrate, endurance builds up at 75% (~145) and strength at 85%(~164). Now, while in training, your pulse should never exceed 92%(~177/178), because if it does, your training is pointless. The body will be too exhausted to remember the training and nothing happens - except for a breakdown perhaps. (Mental breakdown as well :P).

That's something that nearly happened to me not to long ago and I take better care now.


Today, I couldn't live without any sports - at least that's what I feel like. Besides sports, there are many more things I wouldn't want to live without though. Number one would be my computer =)


So long,



I intended to write about my awesome supercool hobby. However, I spontaneously came up with the strange idea to change my user name on forums and servers. I really don't know why though... I just... came?! Perhaps it is the fault of someone I met on Jay 1 the other day. Don't remember his name, but what I do remember is the fact that he asked me why I was still having christmas colors in my name. That's it I thought. A little change won't hurt.


My new name is gonna be: =F|A=Thistle


Now don't go and panic. The name has nothing to do with my character in whatsoever way. I assure you. I am all innocent and pooty - just as usual :>

The new avatar will of course be a pretty thistle. (Not sure if it will be exactly this one)




As for the color choice on servers. I am not yet sure about it. Will have to think it over and try out a few combinations.


So Long,

Thistle :D


Today, I just want to clarify what I meant by conflicts in my first blog entry. I wrote that conflicts arise when different cultures meet and it was perhaps the wrong way to put it. This is exactly what I meant though. Misunderstandings arise. Sometimes it is due to the written word, which does not always convey feelings such as irony, sarcasm, humor, etc. Therefore, people simply might misunderstand what someone else wrote. Irony might be taken serious and thus cause damage. Unfortunately, these things happen all the time and we need to understand that we cannot prevent them from happening, but that it is up to us to solve these misunderstandings, in order to come to a mutual understanding of one another. If we succeed in doing so, it can make a difference.


"This New World hath been the asylum for the persecuted lovers of civil and religious liberty from
every part
of Europe." - Thomas Paine (1776)


Just as this political writer of early American history states, cultural diversity in the Unites States was perhaps the very first diversity in the world. I think that never before so many people of different nationalities went to the same place to live, start over a new life and try to get along with people of different cultures, with foreign traditions and also an individual understanding of what "common sense" is. Nowadays, every 'civilized' country in this world is full of diversity. People understand each other, the world became small. Media, planes and internet make the world accessible to anyone from anywhere. This community is like this New World, gathering people from all over the world, trying to get along, nurturing mutual understanding and making friends. We are seperated and yet we spend many hours together.

To sum up, the most important things in a community are mutual respect and understanding. Broad-mindedness is the key to success and not zero-tolerance.


That's it for today. Just a small clarification to avoid the impression that conflicts necessarily arise upon the meeting of diverse cultures.


Either tomorrow or in two days I will write about one of my hobbies and thus drift from socio-politic issues to personal matters - what this diary was originally meant to be.


Thistle (edited new name in)


At first I was hesitant whether or not I should open a blog of my own. You can guess by now that I decided in favour of a blog. However, in a first try I opened a testblog going by the name of "sssssss" - unfortunately I did not find the option to delete it. It will therefore remain as a ghostblog. RIP. On my second try I figured out the available options as good as I could and I started this blog with an introductory post (the post you're actually reading as a matter of fact). I will try to post here on a regular basis, though I don't know yet what that means. I might write once a week or less, if I have nothing to say. I might as well write on a daily basis, if I am motivated enough to do so.


I guess a blog is a sort of diary. Never tried this before. I hope that, by writing in here I can in some way arrange my thoughts, enjoy writing and even share my thoughts with people who perhaps think the same way, or even feel the same way I do. The idea to share my thoughts was perhaps the main reason for me to not write a private diary, but a public one. The title "Common Sense" is provocative - and I am aware of that, assuming that the things I write down are compliant with society's values and guidelines. Considering at the same time many people most certainly have different opinions, viewpoints, etc. I want to emphasize here that the use of "common sense" is always my subjective point of view. Everything written in this blog is just what I regard as common sense and I don't make the claim that my perception of common sense is the one and only way to understand, accept and act upon. I am aware of different mindsets, I respect those and I don't want to stir up hard feelings. Therefore, upon reading my blog, please keep this in mind. Thank you.


The topics of this blogs will vary. Of course, the title and the afore-mentioned aspects suggest a mainly political and/or social analysis of happenings, laws, and other things by which I was either moved, aggravated, or agitated. However, I will also elaborate on personal issues, hobbies, and daily events and everyday (common) thoughts that pop up in my mind and where I feel the urge to write about it. Trivial matters might come up just as well. Time will show.




Let's Get Ready To Rumble


All that being said, in order for this blog to actually start, I want to fulfil a classic cliché and write about the F|A community. This will probably be your average, everyday hymn of praise and thanks to the leaders and the founders especially. However, I wouldn't be writing here if I were not part of the community, so I think it appropriate to start the blog by doing so. Don't read any further in case you're already fed up with thanks and praises.

I have been part of the F|A family for about six months now and prior to my application in February, I was around the servers approximately four months. In November 2011 I started playing ET again after

years of deprivation. Less active in the beginning, I registered on the forums in December 2011 and read some topics every now and then. More active in the new year, I played on Jay 1 and made the acquaintance of Pianist. Until he asked me if I wanted to join the community I wasn't really aware of the magnitude of the whole F|A Community, the system and organization behind. Therefore, when I finally grasped the extent of the this gaming community, it simply captivated me. First, it was just fascination. So many servers, so many members, and best of all, no professional raters. F|A - a clan for people who just enjoy the gaming experience with friends and contribute each in their way to keep the community alive.

It goes without saying that such an organizational feat wouldn't be possible if all the staff didn't put in a lot of sweat, nerves and above all: A lot of time. Let alone the expenses of the server setup and the

maintenance. I want to thank you for making this possible. It has been said a lot times before, but I think it cannot be said too often. Thanks for your efforts, to make our personal gaming experience an unforgettable one. Thanks for setting up the servers, keeping them up to date, keeping them alive and putting trust in the members of the community. Thanks for the money you invest in this clan without gaining anything from it (apart from praises and happy members' feedback).

At this point I also want to thank all the members and regulars who willingly donate money to keep the servers alive and to support the community wherever possible. This is what makes this community so

special, because this clan brings together people from so many countries around the world, with different views, traiditions, lives and cicrumstances. Yet, they all have something in common. They share a passion for gaming and this community. Therefore, I hope that people will continue to give their support. The probably most efficient way to do this is by donating, of course. And I would like everyone to reconsider, if the time you spend in this community, the hours you play with friends, the feelings, the happiness and the joy you share - if all those are not worthwile a little donation from time to time. The funds needed for server setup are insignificant if only everyone would donate a tiny fraction. Given the number of active members, it should be possible. On the one hand it vexes me sometimes that seemingly few members stem most of it. On the other hand I appreciate it that the community works fine without an obligatory member fee and that it somehow works out fine (until now) with donations given by people who really want to support.

Of course, I do not want to point at someone, because he simply cannot donate, for whatever reasons. There are a lot of members in this clan who contribute without actually donating. There are many who do a great job in recruiting new members. The larger the community, the more versatile the people, the culture and the friends you can make. Keeping the servers clean, doing admin work, helping members, regulars and guests, writing tutorials, giving advice. The people in this community contribute in most different ways and keep the community alive and diverse. Thank you again.


I would also like to point out what seems to be an issue recently. I observed that quarrels, or disagreements within the ranks sometimes turn ugly and lead to ill feelings. Still, in most cases I could see that people are able to pull themselves together and try to solve the issue with common sense. If in the end, they can settle their disagreement and, with help of moderators, part as friends, then they constitute a valuable asset to the clan itself. Conflict management in this clan proves to be very efficient and in most cases successful which is another aspect of this multi-cultural community which captivated me. It is completely normal that conflicts arise when so many people with different views, traditions and values come together. All the more it is impressive that these conflicts can be solved with a positive outcome, which is the most important thing I guess. Due to that the community still exists, lives on and makes intercultural exchange possible. Thank you.



Here end my thoughts for today. While I think about what to write next time, I hope that I could outline my motivation for being in this clan and share my views regarding the clan-life, support and management. Feel free to contact me or simply write in the comments, if you want to share your thoughts on this topic with me. I would be more than happy to hear from you. Thanks.


Thistle (edited new name in)

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