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Memories of Old



Today, I was browsing computer for old stuff, lost in the deep and dark places somewhere on the hard drive. Naturally, I found lots of stuff noone actually needs. There was a folder full of pictures I collected. You know, the kind of pictures or images you get through constructive chainmails from friends and acquaintances. These mails that tend to spam your email account, till the provider tells you to upgrade your account for more space to collect even more stupid shit. Still, it was really funny. Some of the stuff was worth the time spent on reading/looking at. To be honest, the contents of these messages mainly dealt with stereotypes and prejudices we have towards women / men and their interrelationship. Always good for a laugh, but deep inside you know these stereotypes simply are not true. I mean, we all know women can park their car if there is enough space and no other vehicles in the adjoining parking bays. No secret here... We all know they can do multiple tasks better than men - They can have sex and think about a new kitchen at the same time. We all know that women generally are very open to criticism. And well all know that I am just living these stereotypes in order to fill my blog.



Besides these things, I found other interesting stuff on my hard drive. I stumbled upon an old demo. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the
. A group of people gets together and

sets up an incredible work of art. For some time I was fascinated by these real-time presentations which unfold on your computer if you click the .exe file. The demo art is often tested in competitions where you have to create an audio-visual presentation and compress as much as possible. A demo of 64 kilobytes can unfold to more than one gigabyte, which I did not want to believe at first. A very known group is called "farbrausch". They have some amazing demos on their webpage and for those who are interested to know more about it, I can only recommend a visit.


Here is a little 64kb presentation from around 2000 / 2001 I think. It is pretty amazing what is possible and what they did. I highly suggest to watch it.

Demo (in case you do not want to download the 64kb file, here is a video link: video)


Enjoy =)


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