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List of NQ FA Vsays - from Vsay FA1 to FA40




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Okay list of vsays for NQ. As of 15/09/09 they are correct


to work these do /vsay fa then number - e.g /vsay fa1. You can bind them like /vsay fa1 you hear me [d] ?

FA1 Your going to be a dead motherf**ker


FA2 Hahah hehe haha!


FA3 What the hell is going on here ?


FA4 Nice shooting son, whats your name?




FA6 Give me 25


FA7 Oh im sorry did i break your concentration


FA8 Heart attack! (Wilhelm scream - didnt somone make it so medics screamed this when they died? )


FA9 If i was the man i was five years ago id take a flamethrower to this place!


FA10 Wazzzzzupppppppp!


FA11 Banzai! (Crowd cheer)


FA12 Banzai! (Solo; strong)


FA13 Banzai! (Solo; Weak)


FA14 Hehhahaehaha (Echo laughter)


FA15 Hallelujah!


FA16 I love you!


FA17 You treat me like a dog and you expect me to smile ?!


FA18 Mendozzzzzzzzzzzaaa!




FA20 You are not English! (Non -english dialect spoken)


FA21 Say good night to the bad guy


FA22 Check out the big brain on Brad!


FA23 Enough is enough! I have had it it with these motherf***ing snakes!


FA24 All i have in this world is my balls and my word ...


FA25 I dont play this game


FA26 Under no circumstances are you to engage the enemy


FA27 Run Forest Run!


FA28 Goooooood morning Vietnam!


FA29 Hey man you playing that video game or that video game playing you son ?


FA30 Good night ladies! (Good night Sir!)


FA31 You don't know the power of the darkside!


FA32 Dont fail me again!


FA33 I am your father


FA34 Whats your name scumbag


FA35 What is your major malfunction numbnuts


FA36 Who the f*** said that


FA37 That piece of shit up there i never liked him


FA38 Im Tony Montana . You f*** with me you f***in with the best


FA39 Okay so what do you call yourself? Com-se-llama?


FA40 You cant resist me baby!


My personal favourites are FA16, FA17 and FA22. FA30 seems as popular as railgun and as you may notice, FA39 and FA40 dont seem to be accseible from the Vsay menu. Duke vsays go from Duke1 to Duke9 i belive. May do those later. As you can see, songs and pikachu are missing + a few other vsays like the kittie one - like that too - not sure how to get these.


Sorry for the spam everyone endured whilst i worked thes out :P


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