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Before i grow old here lies a note on Vstr and some more




Google is a wonderful and strange intervention. From Lycoos to Yahoo to Google , somehow it came from nowhere and blitzgried Excite to bits. If you know the magic words you can easily find what you want in seconds .


One thing i have found difficult with WET is the lack of gramatical leniancy. When you bind something - usually by way of /bind [key] say [insert message] one often finds that ,like older mobile phones, the first letter is punctulised but the rest isin't. This often means that words may lose their impact - certianly, in my eyes Attack! does not nearly look so fearsome as ATTACK!!!


But ah for the world of scripting, where with a few /com and /cg strokes your but one step away from helping yourself to extra pudding. I myself know my memory is not great, so i have decided here and now to note down a few things in case i ever need them and yet CBA to google them


1. Adding caps all acroos


From You suck a**h****! to You Suck a**h****!


Certainly the easiset way is through use of a cfg. When editing your cfg, in order to complete the above, you need the Vstr cmd. The end result should come out as


set tks "vsay FTAttack ^3 Praise Be Light!

bind "n" vstr tks


so lets look at it step-by-step



set tks


the set is mandatory ; you requre that. but the 'tks' is , seemingly , changable , so long as there is a minium of 3 letters. You may change this comination of letters into anything, even trigrams. However i do recommend that the combination kept to at least 3 letters min . I have noticed this, but i do belive less does not work



"vsay FTAttack ^3 Praise Be Light!


Your vsay. I do belive that that quation mark is indeed important. In any case, no harm leaving it there


(Be sure to put the next two on a new line)



bind "a"


the letter you bind it to . The quoataion marks are very important here, and must not let be forgotten



vstr tks



the 'vstr' is mandatory, and you must spell the 3 + letter combo exactly the same



This then is the cmd to make all caps and should indeed work . Be sure for each new bind there's a new combo of letters. From an excerpt of my CFG


set tks "vsay FTAttack ^3 Praise Be Light!

bind "n" vstr tks


set manana "vsay Affirmative ^7 The Priest agrees

bind "a" vstr manana


2. Set name

The magic of space bar



One thing about et - sure cant handle those spaces in your names. Using an example name, Player X may decide to use the name 'Player X'. However, using the /name command, it comes out as 'Player'. Indeed, ET has decide to drop everything after the space. The only work around then ,it seems, is to use the limbo menu or forgo the space bar.


But ah wait! using /set name the player may now happily use the moniker 'Player X' . The wonderful use of /Set does indeed allow for spaces ...


3. pb_[Tab]

Because learning it all is time that could be used to play


Tying in /pb_guid you get the guid of all players. But what if, gasp, you forgot what to type? you know its pb_ but ...was it ip? pb_ip? that it?!? well its a simple enough solotion. type in /pb_ then press the [tab] button after the underscore. this will also work with com_ cg_ etc.


other useful cmds - clientinfo, bindlist, listcmds


4. Anti-Spam toggle

As bill put it anyway...


Often when faced with spam you get told to turn voicechats 0 (or was it 1? ) this does indeed mute all chat sounds, but as a medic or field op this dosent help much. I did once though come across a CFG which allowed you to turn off poublic voice chat but keep team chat on. Unforutnatly i lost it , but thankfully FAG Bill found it. Rather let it go to waste i decide to save it here I dont use it myself , since i have no real need, but JIC ...


To turn off spam you can use this toggle. Save to cfg file. Choose key to bind ; Press once to turn off' date=' twice for team only, 3x to turn on.



set spamoff "set cg_noVoiceChats 1;set cg_noVoiceText 1;set cg_TeamChatsOnly 1;echo ^5Spam ^1OFF;set spamtogg vstr spamon"

set spamon "set cg_noVoiceChats 0;set cg_noVoiceText 0;set cg_TeamChatsOnly 0;echo ^5Spam ^2ON;set spamtogg vstr spamonv"

set spamonv "set cg_noVoiceChats 0;set cg_noVoiceText 0;set cg_TeamChatsOnly 1;echo ^5Spam ^2ON ^3(^7team only^3);set spamtogg vstr spamoff"

set spamtogg "vstr spamon"

bind KEY "vstr spamtogg"

vstr spamon // Defaults all spam ON at startup




As you can see an intresting addtion is the 'novoicetext' useful if you dont want all that multicolour clutter down there



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