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Hell vs SL?



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Looking at my SL page (Click here) i do rember, playing on a FAG server once, someone protesting about the amount of SL raters there were. SL raters, as most are aware , are people who only really play just to increase their SL rating. One easy way to do this is thorugh the art of XP Whoring. (XP Whores - people who do nothing but stand in spawn handing out ammo/med packs to get XP. Potentially useless and genral door blockers). Now XP whoring is frowned on some servers,whether in name or in passing (a common house rule is 'Be useless at your own risk') but mostly ignored. It is not an uncommon practise , particualry on the larger jaymod servers, but i do rember one particular moment on FAG NQ when someone - i do belive Hell though i have no 'evidence' to support the theory - was complaiing to about this and preceded to attempt to become 'Anti-SL' ; how this worked i may never recall but i do belive it was the equilvent of jaywalking where it is not allowed, a futile rebellion, but a rage against the machine nonetheless. This particular moment comes out to mind , not because of the act itself , but because of the intetnion of the act and so it was that this player would hand out the ammo packs before proceeding to /kill (this allows for one to both bypass the need to await the mandatory recharging of the rechage bar AND to hand out more ammo packs (as you do hand expel packs out when you die)) . If only three facts are true, it was that it was on a FAG server, it was on MLB Temple (quite possiblily the most popular MLB map if only for its relativte straightforwardness) and that the player did indeed garner SL points. If the story taught anything , it is indeed that SL Whoring is quite an art in that there must be an effective amount of players to 'accept' your offerings and that the rewards can be more bountyful than half an hour of Nazi hunting


Lol Apologies if it wasent you Hell! For some reason i do get the feeling it is you but i have no idea why ^^

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