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From Baska1 to Baska18




Oh i know Medic is going to post all thoose vsays, but i still feel like doing it ^^ As always /vsay Baska(number) (correct as of 16/09/9)


Baska1 Ooho bich bich bich! (Abe Simpson)


Baska2 Heheheaha (And call me b***!)


Baska3 Don't fock with me fellas


Baska4 ...and ill execute every last one of you ... (Honypumpkin; Pulp Fiction)


Baska5 Its on your face im going sit!


Baska6 Me so horny! Me love you long time!


Baska7 You got me hotter...!


Baska8 No matter where you , what you do, I'm going to hunt yuou down!


Baska9 Here kitty kitty!


Baska10 I like i love it i want some more of it


Baska11 You missed me bich


Baska12 Move your fat ass now!


Baska13 No No no i cant do this


Baska14 One way or another im going to find you


Baska15 Why you have yo be such a wanker!


Baska16 Hehahahahaaaa!


Baska17 That was f***ing trippy


Baska18 Poor Baby! (Baby Cry SFX)


Anyone whos done a bit of psychology study into dreams may have come across Cartwright's Problem solving theory. Basically its the adage of 'sleeping on your problems' ; dreams help provide soloton to problems. I dreamt Medic had replied to this , but said try /vsay Joedirt. Having woken up soon after, i tried but to no avail. Alas it did provide inspiration, so Baska it was and Baska here we are!



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