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first off Hello everyone!


well i caught my flight from fairbanks to anchorage and was picked up for my next job.. so far not any real problems just TSA being jerks with my laptop by finger f**king the shit out of it.. but now back to my ride.. we was chatting about what had to be done and what they had.. well my boss was the typical retard trying to sound very important about shit he dont know. i kinda played along but corrected him a few things then told him more about where i been and what i have been doing across the US and several four and five star lodges.. well at this time he admitted that is why im there to run operations.. ( long awkward silence ) now my girlfriend starts chatting with him about history of the site and seemed to blow him away with the research that she has done.. by this time we are in a CARRS parking lot to buy our groceries for the next month.. then our boss started getting several phone calls and texts. ( i was having a smoke before i went in).... so now we are done with our shopping and we load our crap in back of this van. and our boss "matt" said there has been a change of plans and our start date has been pushed back 3-4 weeks and payday pushed back a month or maybe more..

this is what i said " what the f*** is this shit?" well i scared the little guy..LOL..i asked why didnt he email us? - no answer - just makes a phone call.. 3-4 minutes later a park ranger pulls up and local police and state police.. the ranger said this just happens sometimes.. once again i said ohhh WTF.. she then said we dont need YOUR type here.. that seemed to shock to police/sheriff and they stepped away.. that was strange - it was almost as if the police wanted to to beat them down. lol but hell i just wanted to get out there and back to anchorage.. so the ranger asked if there was going to be a problem giving us a ride back to anchorage airport. well i did a sly laugh with a smirk a said naw - no problems from me. ... now we are in the van with "matt" yea he is pretty shaken.. well i can under stand - im 6'2 and 300 pounds.matt is 5'7 150 pounds.... so i started f***in with matt but in a nice way - i asked what out the food we bought!! you think we are going to fly with all of this shit? - then he seemed to be more scared hahaha but we was escorted by the ranger and sheriff and traveling about 65 MPH down the highway.. really what am i going to do? nothing! but just f*** with him a little bit.. good times.. long drive for matt the jerk off..

now we are back at the airport.. shit.. we need to get back to fairbanks, screw this anchorage shit! so we decided to get a room for a few days hit the bars! WOOOO! we had a blast.. we was wasted by midnight.. next thing i know we are staggering out of a bar about 230 am.. all the streets was full of us drunkards! my girlfriend and i got separated in the crowd and was way to drunk to see very far... i thought f*** it, well meet up in the room.. so im waking along doing my drunk walk thing and this chick staggers towards me from across the street throws her arms around me and said HI! IM DRUNNNNNK! i said hi and im drunk too! then she said "im lost and i dont know where to go" i said come to my room.. she said ok! lets go! then to f*** with her i asked if she minded if i tied her up and spanked her for a while? she said that it sounded fun and let her grab her friend. o.0 wtf.. i was kidding!!?? she staggers across the street.. i take 2-4 more steps and this guy with a backpack and black jacket and hat comes up to me and says " whacha need?" umm nothing "i got some stuff" - he said. and says "i have some meth and rock" i told him i didnt want it and im just heading back to my room. then he tryed to hand two lil baggies i told him thanks but i dont want it.. now im walking and hes walking beside me and says " you seem like a alright guy, why dont you help me move this stuff? i chuckled then he said you can have 20% ... well i said OH HELL NO! then he left.. im not sure of what happend for the next hour but i remember flashing lights on a cop car and some guy trying to rip off a car door..and me trying to find a back way to getting to the hotel... I MADE IT!! i strip down crawl into bed and crash for about 30 minutes when there is a huge thud in my room... i see this blonde haired woman - thin build crawling to my bed... OMFG... WHATS GOING ON??!! now theres a older man stepping out of my bathroom... now drunk chick is crawling into my bed.. now my girlfriend steeps around the corner and starts giggling at this women in my bed... again - wtf is going on??!! them my girlfriend tells me she meet up with these two and smoked some weed and they wanted to meet me.. - at this point i feel better!! at least i didnt bring the drunk chick back to the room.. but the girlfriend is finding it funny that this other chick is trying to get a peek at my junk!! so they pull her out of my bed and just a few seconds she crawls back into my bed! so i said im fine with two girlfriends tonight but the old guy has to go! the chicks giggle and the old man said come on < insert name here> and she said ummm and trying to pull my blanket off again.. so old man pulls her out of bed and they left....


6 hours later my GF and i are trying to remember everything that happened... if took a little time... and i said to her HOLY SHIT!! WE JUST HAD OUR OWN VERSION OF THE HANGOVER!!

her story has many twists and turns - and i still cant remember all of the details..


fast forward 4 days of drinking... im staggering onto the train in anchorage and fall into my seat and so did she.. we are drunk and its 8am on a train ride that lasts for 12 hours to fairbanks... i pass out for 6 hours.. now starting to feel shitty and thinking the last thing i need to do is to drink.. ever again... and my GF and i have had these drinking adventures many times in the past and we just need to stay away from the shit.. we start and dont seem to stop untill we wake up naked some place we shouldnt be.. rofl.. true story... and there is more to come.. but this seemed like a story i had to share.. and i thought some of you would like to read of OMFG A BUNNYS drunkin adventure.



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@ limes... sorry to inform you but my whole life has been " out of the box" but your entitled to your opinion. it dont matter to me who thinks its real or not.. i was there and my girlfriend was there plus the 2 strangers that was in my room.. but maybe your life has been "normal" and you cant comprehend how some things go down in life.. i also see you dont have your age listed in your profile so im going to guess you between the age of 12 and 22. and have not lived in the real world very long and or on your own very long or even been to anchorage alaska during the times that bars let the crazies out... but some day just maybe you will experience some shit in your life and think back to this and think to your self " holy shit!! that is plausible!" hell i didnt even have to post this here since i have a active blog of my own for over 8 years.. but i thought it would be fun to share here.


lighten up. rofl.. :rolleyes:

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@ Achiyan - i could believe it... one time i started drinking in Cincinnati and ended up north of Indianapolis and i had one hell of a time figuring out where i was at.. how i got there ... and at the time i was married so she had questions.. but so did i!took me all day to figure out how to get home..lol..

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