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Hello everyone at Fearless Assassins, this is Jared and I would like to say I am leaving the clan.


The reasons to leave: First I would like to be in a clan that skirmishes. Second, I would like for my warn status to be put down so I can actually check my private messages from a few months ago. Third, I can barely every talk to Dare Devil so it is hard to sort out problems with the server, etc. Fourth, I can't even get CoD4 to run above 75 FPS with a 470 GTX NVIDIA (yes, I turned up the frame rate max to 200 yet it lags like crazy and my computer can handle anything else but not CoD4 correctly). Fifth, I have had made dumb posts, comments, or things I did in the past I would like a new start because I still feel as if I am looked down upon by some clan members because of my age. Sixth I would like to make my own clan without the limits of someone overseeing me since I have good ideas for things, but this is limiting me from executing them. Seven, funding seems to be down and after that is out the clan will fall apart if it is not treated with as soon as possible. Eighth, most of the clan members are barely on and the Xfire clan doesn't even show people anymore. Ninth, the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 server was great until it just dropped off the face of the earth.


The reasons to stay: First, a nice community that supports you. Second, you guys don't have to collect donations or make the members pay dues / entry fee to get in for the servers, etc. Third, I have met some good friends from this clan. Fourth, you have good leaders that know what they are doing. Fifth, your rules balance out the game.


I wish I knew how to fix Call of Duty 4 from lagging all the time and I would like to say you guys have down a great job with this clan and I hope you continue to grow and have funds to do so. Please delete this account on the forums and take my admin status away on Call of Duty 4 as soon as possible.


Thank you and God bless,





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Your pre history:

1. Joined clan.

2. Removed from clan. Reason: Kicking players for not using knife on COD4 HC server. Basically your started abusing your power and you where removed from community on Oct #2009.

3. Feb 2011, you started spamming our forums to sell your COD4 key by making more then 5 topics in 2 minutes. You spammed status messages, forum section, etc. and as a result your forum access was revoked for few weeks.


Now, please tell me what makes you think you where part of community? I personally don’t have to reply to this blog and would outright delete it but since you are going to make your new clan, I thought I would reply to it once so you have some little true facts.


“Third, I can barely every talk to Dare Devil so it is hard to sort out problems with the server, etc “– You kidding me right? You are the most annoying person, I have ever talk on xfire.


[18:24] Jared: Hello.

[18:24] hell_RETURN$: Hi

[18:24] hell_RETURN$: sup

[18:25] Jared: Nothing

[18:26] Jared: Didn't get to go to my friends house. :/

Conversation ended: Sat, Apr 23 18:26:47 2011

Conversation started between hell_RETURN$ and Jared: Sat, Apr 23 19:24:05 2011

[19:24] Jared: Sorry.

Conversation ended: Sat, Apr 23 20:00:02 2011

Conversation started between hell_RETURN$ and Jared: Tue, May 10 22:50:33 2011


I can show from chat logs that you are nothing but annoying kid but still I always tried to reply you. Do I really care, if you didn’t go to your friends house or not. Get over it kiddo. That’s how your all talk where and none of the talk on xfire mentioned any issues related to server because if there is any, they would be reported on forums.


We have 2 xfires. Community xfire and members xfire. One is for general players and one is for ONLY members. I guess you don’t know this but how would you? Check your post count 


Our yearly expense is always posted on forum top right corner. We are thankful to people who donate but we don’t go and get donations based on unbans, membership fee, etc. I have seen many clan who run banner on there server, “Donate 20$ and get your unban, no question asked”. We don’t run things like that. We neither make it donation based membership.


BC2 server was great, till members played on it. If members stopped playing the game altogether, it’s but obvious, server will have no players.


I see you said you are going to make new clan. Let’s set timeline. Contact us on forums after 6 months once you started your clan and servers in COD4. I would like to see how much you can make it popular. F|A Euro COD4 server is ranked in top 30 out of 10,000 COD4 servers and even US server is doing well and we have mod server also.


Since you don’t understand at all how it works, I wish you 100x Good luck because you are going to need it badly.


We don’t delete accounts. Account deactivated on your request.

Good luck once again and thanks for kind words.

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[18:24] Jared: Hello.

[18:24] hell_RETURN$: Hi

[18:24] hell_RETURN$: sup

[18:25] Jared: Nothing

[18:26] Jared: Didn't get to go to my friends house. :/




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Seriously, why would anyone make this blog post.


I don't even know who you are. No wonder you dont understand this clan at all. You're nothing to do with it lol.


You've been here like over a year longer than I have, and I've never seen any input from you. lol

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This blog shouldn't be titled "LEAVING"


It should say "WAS I EVER EVEN HERE?"


Good luck in your next clan endeavor... hopefully you'll be more active there.

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