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I gotta check my socks once in a while...

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The Smoke

The Smoke

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Yesterday, my wife was going through my chest-of-drawers and getting rid of my old socks and stuff.

She came out to me with a big old wool work sock that was about 3 feet long.  It was full of change.

To tell the truth I had forgot all about that sock.

So she went out to Walmart and got me one of those change counters with the quart jar on it.

I started last night and finished this morning, putting the change into the jar.  I had to stop at $200, to

empty the jar.

My final total was $318.22.  So now I have to take it all out to the bank and deposit it into my checking account.


Whoo hoo....you know how many bottles of JD that is?  26  


I am now a legitimate alcoholic.  Thank you wifey.

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Or 318.22 donation to FA. :D



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Omg that is wicked haha



    What does this thing do? I will push it and see...

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Or 318.22 donation to FA. :D


I can just picture him mailing that sock-full-of-coins to DD.  :)

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