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Life is like.....

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Ol Smoke

Ol Smoke

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Life is like a bowl of cherries....a little sweetness and then a pit that breaks your tooth.


Life is great...for a select few. The rest of us...not so much.


Life is like the universe...mostly void of anything useful. But a few bright spots here and there.


Life is a box of chocolates...you have to keep going thru the crap to get the one that you actually like. Then its

too late...you are all sick and tired of chocolate.


Life was a great idea...until God created man.


Life is what happens to you just before you die.


Life is a cruel joke given to us by an angry God.


Life for most of us is like being on a Mercedes-Benz car lot with only $2 in your pocket.


Life is like high school....4 years of misery and then you get out.


Life has never been as good as TV sitcoms say it is. It's more like watching Dr. Phil for 24 hours.


Life is like a marathon race...you might be out front for the whole time...you think you have it won...when

all those people who have been using you for a windbreak...pass you and take the prize.


Life is only good up to about 12 years of age. Then all your fun is taken away.


Life is good for only 2% of the world's population. 98% of the rest of us, just suffer through it


Life is not Social Security.


Life is a short series of events that make up your days. When you string them all together...you find out

that the best of times...was a long time ago.


Life is listening to your heart beat. The rest of it, is an illusion.


Life is actually very short...ask anyone over 70.


Life is what you make it. (someone said that) Life is actually what others let you make of it.


Life is like COD4. Once you finally raise your head up to see whats on the other side...someone

removes your head. Then you try again. Over and over.


Life used to be fun.  Now it's just hard work with no rewards.

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Sounds very pessimistic.



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Sounds very pessimistic.

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