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The Teeter hanger kills my friend...

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Ol Smoke

Ol Smoke

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You guys have heard of the Teeter upside hanging machine thing?  Where you put your feet into these stirrups

and hang upside down to ease back pain.


My friend was 58 years old, 5'10", and weighed about 150#.  He was in good health as far as I knew, but he did

have this constant back pain, that he could not find any relief.  So he bought this Teeter Hangup from a thing

on TV and it arrived the other day.  I guess he set it up, then got on it and inverted himself.


Then his heart exploded. 


He lived by himself so we didn't find out till this morning.  There is an autopsy being performed. 


I guess you never know.  We weren't really that close and all, but I did know him for about 30 years.


Just kinda weird.

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My mum was thinking of buying one of those inversion tables...creepy creepy!




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Man that is horrible.. Sorry to hear Smoke



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Wow his heart exploded? Way Bizarre.

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