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Oldtimer PC Games

Posted by Spaceballs, 01 September 2012 · 1,475 views

games old
Hey all,... thanks to Krauersaut, I was motivated to write once more today. And I want to thank him and just so you know. I will repent for my sins and you may slap me if I don't. I hope to be able to write and publish on a daily basis from now on. By the way, while I am at it, I also would like to thank Scream, Yellow Flash, Madara, JayC, QuoVadis, Mango and GI-JOE for the time and work they have recently been putting into the new CS:GO section. They practically build it up from scratch and I really would've liked to help you lot - if it were not for my laptop which is practically as old as the games I am going to talk about. As some already know, I purchased the game, optimistically installed it and the outcome was one hell of a laggy game.

My first computer game was Commander Keen. I didn't have a computer at the time, but I was able to play on someone else's computer. I loved it. The simple jump'n'run strategy captivated me at the age of six. Now, years later, I reinstalled the game and it still works fine. Of course, compared to other games, it is just a little bit outdated. First published in 1990, the protagonist (an eight year-old boy) has to save the Earth / Galaxy from destruction. There are six episodes of this game. Compared to games today they are very easy and one could finish them in just about 2-3 hours. But they really make you feel nostalgic.

Posted Image

Master of Orion II is yet another captivating game, pusblished in 1996. When I first played it, I was fascinated by the sheer complexity of this game. It has certain depth to it and I always like games which took place in space. (Later, I played Freespace, Wing Commander, etc.) The aim is to colonize as many planets as possible and to gain rulership over the galaxy. The planets all differ from eachother, have varying properties, which make it difficult for some races to live on. You can choose from many different races to play with, or simply create our own race. This game also contained a multiplayer, which I never used. Oh, and I forgot, it is turnbased =)

Posted Image

Last but not least,... DOOM. Still have it, still play it. I can't play for long though, because I get a headache easily when I play this game. It is the same with Wolfenstein 3D. I somehow easily get a headache when playing these games. Yet, they are awesome.

Posted Image

There are of course many more "old games" I used to play. Just to name Diablo, Sim City, Heroes of MIght and Magic, Warcraft and Starcraft.... they all will remain in my memory as great games, from great developers. But I am sure that I am not the only one to indulge in nostalgic memories when these names pop up. Probably, most of you have played these games as well, or some along the line.
Y'know... The good old times....

In case you're interested in buying old games, you might want to head over to "gog.com". The site gives a fair amount of old games which have been "modded" to run on new systems and they add extras like the soundtrack and wallpapers to the bundle.
My computer is so old, the games don't need to be modded. They work just fine the way they are :P
Great post Thistle! Keep it up :). Reminds me of my first game - Colin McRae Rally 2.0
Got to still love the old games -- reminds me of my favorites -- Syndicate, Quest for Glory (series) and Space Quest. Good times. :)
Following Doom, we must remember HERETIC and QUAKE
oh and dont forget Spy Hunter for the Comodore 64
Quake, totally forgot about that!

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