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Travelling the USA looking for any FA members.

Posted by monkeysmack, 06 June 2011 · 964 views

Ill be driving from Chicago to San Jose in a few weeks so if you want me to stop by, give me your address. What's the worst that could happen?? :D
I suppose if no one gives me their address I can just drive around with the window down until I hear, "Mendozaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

WTF??? You're going to be gone for a few more weeks?
Going through Manteca, we'll grab a drink.
Lol, found out TFL Dopey Ninja lives in the same town as me...
haha, no one except the baconator wants to give me an address.. i smell fear out there. :lol:
get a job Kevin! you bum... so says the unemployed monkey.
for all we know you could be looking for victims, :hmm
Yes! I have a list of people that have owned me in game.. im coming for you! :lol:
Try to own me with a hella purple nurple!
Shit Bacon, I was just in Manteca last week. San Jose would be the last place I'd want to end up.
I live on route 66 west of Oklahoma City...

are you getting your kicks on route 66??

hehehe maybe you would like to meet Nikki and Shelby>?

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