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=F|A= 1on1 Cup: Rules

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Agreements and arrangements made between teams or players are not binding. Only the official rules should be followed, unless we specifically say otherwise. Agreements between teams that contradict the rules do not have any relevance.


All matches must be played on the assigned server. You will receive this server assignment once your match has been scheduled.


=F|A= Tournament Officials for this cup are Mufasa and emaL.


Teams and Players

  • Players must use an in-game nickname which is the same as the alias listed on their =F|A= profile.
  • Any attempt by a player to deceive the admins by deliberately providing false information will result in removal from the cup. Additionally, the player involved may be barred from participating in future =F|A= Cups.


Match Rules - General

  • All matches are played in stopwatch mode with the global1 config.
  • Failure to show up to a match within 15 minutes after the official match time will result in a forfeit loss. If you would like to claim a forfeit win due to your opponent not showing up, please message an admin.
  • On objective maps (mp_sillyctf, ctf_multi, osiris_final, ctf_well), the winner of each round receives 1 point. On frag maps (te_valhalla, goldrush_arena), the player with the most frags after two rounds receives 2 points. If frags are tied after two rounds, damage will be the tiebreaker.
  • If the score is tied after two maps (2-2), a third map (decider) must be played. The decider is chosen by cointoss and elimination. The winner of the cointoss eliminates the first map from the remaining maps in the maplist followed by the other team until one map is left. The team who lost the cointoss chooses which team attacks first.
  • Ties are not allowed, so if the score is still tied at the end of the 2nd or any additional maps, you play additional maps following the pattern outlined above.


The following 1on1-specific rules will be enforced:

  • Selfkill (using the game’s /kill mechanic, falling to death, dying to barbed wire, or any other form of death that doesn’t result from the opponent’s actions) is disallowed except in specific circumstances -- namely, dying on the barbed wire of ctf_multi while carrying the objective.
  • Players must play as the field ops class.
  • Any weapons which aren’t restricted by the global1 config are allowed.


Once the match has started, match results count unless both teams agree that it shouldn't. Lag, ping issues, or incorrect server settings are no excuse for leaving; every player should check the server before the start of the match.


If either team disconnects before the match is over for any reason, their opponent has the right to claim a 4-0 forfeit win.


Match Rules - Tournament

  • A tournament match is played on 2 maps. Each team selects one map from the maplist and informs an admin of their map choice before the match starts. Once both players have submitted their map choice, the admin will reveal the decision.
  • If both teams select the same map, then the second map is chosen by cointoss and elimination. The loser of the cointoss eliminates the first map from the remaining maps in the maplist followed by the other team until one map is left. The team who lost the cointoss also chooses which team attacks first, while the winner of the cointoss chooses who attacks first on the first map.
  • In case of disagreement, a cointoss will decide which map is played first.
  • The winner of the Lower Bracket Final must defeat the winner of the Upper Bracket Final twice in the Grand Final to win the tournament. If a second match is needed, each player must select a different map from the one they selected for the first match.


The maplist for the =F|A= Summer Cup Series: 1on1 is:

  • te_valhalla
  • osiris_final
  • mp_sillyctf
  • ctf_well
  • ctf_multi
  • goldrush_arena


Scheduling and Wildcards

All games must be scheduled in advance. On the Thursday of each matchweek, unscheduled matches will be forced to the final Sunday of the matchweek. League games may be played at an earlier or later date if both teams agree, but all matches must be played by the deadline.


Each player has 1 wildcard for the group stage only. Wildcards can be used to cancel a scheduled match for any reason by simply posting in the match thread. When a wildcard is used, the match must be rescheduled as soon as possible. Wildcards can only be used before the official match time.


Group Rankings

After the league stage is over, the top x players from each group in each division will advance to the tournament stage. Group rankings are determined by each player's number of wins/losses. If two players have the same number of wins and losses, the result of the match(es) between the tied players is the deciding factor.


If there is a 3-way tie, the following criteria is used to determine the final group rankings (in order of importance):

  1. net round wins/losses (e.g. "F/A: 10/6" = 10-6 = 4)
  2. most round wins (e.g. "F/A: 10/6" = 10)
  3. least noshows/forfeits


Noshows/forfeits will be added as 4-0 in the league stage and 1-0 in the tournament stage so that the group rankings are reflected on the league page as accurately as possible.


Disputes, Demos, and Screenshots

  • Players have the right dispute a match for any reason.
  • All players must record full POV demos of themselves in every round of every match. Demos do not need to be uploaded for every match but should be saved until at least 1 week after the date of the match. If a dispute is opened, demos should be kept until at least 24 hours after the dispute is solved.
  • If you would like to request demos, please contact a tournament official.
  • Players have 48 hours to upload their demos once a request has been made. Failure to upload requested demos within 48 hours may result in a forfeit loss.
  • Once the demos have been uploaded, players will have 24 hours to provide timestamps of suspicious moments. Example: "first round - 6:22 - shoots a player behind wall". All cheat reports without timestamps will be ignored.
  • =F|A= tournament officials reserve the right to request demos or screenshots from any player at any time.


Miscellaneous Rules

  • Both players have the right to pause the match two times each round.
  • Each team is allowed to have one spectator on the server. Teams should use the speclock and specinvite commands if there are spectators present. Spectators must not type in global chat during the match unless absolutely necessary.


Cheating and Abuse

  • Cheating in a match will result in a forfeit loss and removal from the cup and any future =F|A= cup. If both players cheated, the match will be cancelled and both players removed.
  • Exploiting any bugs ingame is disallowed. Any kind of bug abuse will result in a forfeit loss of the match in which the action took place.
  • All programs or files, either modified game files or external programs, which give an unfair advantage to a player are strictly forbidden. This includes cheat software such as aimbots and wallhacks. The use of any forbidden program or file by any player during a match will result in a forfeit loss.
  • Programs that do not interact with the game in any way are allowed. This includes voice communication programs such as Ventrilo and TeamSpeak.
  • Scripts made from nothing more than the manipulation of in-game binds and settings are allowed. This includes jump scripts and 180-degree scripts.
  • Excessive abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Any player found to be abusing another player or admin in-game will receive a warning, followed by a ban if the abuse continues. Abusive behavior from more than one member of a team may result in a forfeit loss or removal from the cup.



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