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  1. ET Server Suggestion Hardcore map suggestions

    Breakout is very bad for hardcore. We just went from 12v12ish to 4v4 when that map was voted. In the official format, Remove: Breakout Add: erdenberg_t1, sw_battery, karsiah_te2, et_ufo_final, or coast_b1
  2. Server Issue lag on hardcore

    Thanks for looking into it. It definitely happens to everyone, but not to everyone at the same time. Usually 2-3 players at once 999 and they all complain immediately after, so I don't think it's just complaints from one person making others complain. It also doesn't appear to happen on the same map or same time. I can recall experiencing it around a month ago, hours earlier in the day, on a different map. I will tag you next time it happens!
  3. The whole server is having intermittent connection interrupted problems. They last for a few seconds, then come again after another 30 seconds or so. WinMTR sent with contact us. I'm not sure if it'll persist, but it's been happening for a map and a half at this point and people are leaving because of it.
  4. Lag on new install

    A lot of people with Intel graphics have to use 1.

  6. =F|A= US ETPRO Server

    Was this server intended to be public? I'm not seeing a way to set a password like we can on the euro scrim server. Would also be cool if you could add a few 1on1 maps: ctf_multi, multi_huntplace, Osiris_final
  7. DOI Day of Infamy - DOI for 6$

    Does anyone have experience running this without a GPU? It looks interesting, and I know I meet the minimum requirements - not sure if the minimum is a very enjoyable experience, though. I have an i7-3770 with Intel HD 4000.
  8. (Mixed) Scrims

    I'm still hoping for a 3on3 initially. I don't care what happens after that with the mix, though.
  9. (Mixed) Scrims

    To be clear, we're both going to gather players to scrim against each other?
  10. (Mixed) Scrims

    Sunday around 19 or 20 CET would be good for me. If either of those times work for you, let me know and I'll see if I can gather a couple more for a 3v3. =F|A= doesn't have an official scrim team, but I would grab some other =F|A= members to play with me.
  11. Browser Internet Speed Battle !

    Nah, I was there studying when I saw this topic
  12. Browser Internet Speed Battle !

    I was at one of the computer labs at my university
  13. ping as admin how to deal with it.

    I can't help with the rest of your post because I don't have enough experience to speak about it. But, if you're doing things according to the admin guide and being reasonable, you have nothing to worry about - don't let it stop you from taking action when needed. Be familiar with the server rules, admin basics, and admin guide and you shouldn't have any worries. You might make people upset some of the time. But if you're asking people to move and giving them time, and no one helps, it's better to upset one person than having a whole team upset that they can't make it out of spawn.