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DOI-Discussion DOI map suggestions for custom server + map reviews

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Good day, recruits and veterans :D, most people of this forum know that one of Fearless Assassins Day of Infamy server will be changed to custom. But problem is this clan's DOI branch staff doesn't get much suggestions which map use or even gamemode (WWI, Vietnam and etc). According my research the most people of DOI players plays only official maps and that leads to lack of information for custom maps...in short people doesn't know what to suggest. So i came with an idea...Today i will start review custom maps of Day of Infamy focused on main problems like these: No use for sniper, Rush tactics, mission time, fun, challenges and of course the REAL COOPERATION 😠not the that cooperation which is "oh i am first of player list! ". At some maps also i mention sometimes @Sisje because she accidentally joined through me, so i will use as reference of "PRO player" :D . And all maps excluding one was tested in other servers because practice mode messing up with whole gameplay. So let's start....

*turns on the gramophone*



[Part No. 1]


MAP: Compass

Gameplays: Stronghold, Entrenchment, Patrol.


I played of this map entrenchment in practice mode it was fun even alone ( maybe i should meet more people :D ). So i liked that the map is more for marksman type player (Sniper, or FN42 with scope). Also it has and disadvantages: about 2 - 3 defending points is on open area all players need to spread out to not get direct hit of bombing. Also it has minor mapping error some ground layers is not covered up so you can see through other layer but it doesn't harm the player.



MAP: Ardennes

Gameplays: Stronghold, Entrenchment.



This map played in custom server so this map was fun but server gived me only stronghold gameplay. So what is standing out of this map...THE TANK! and it is moving and killing enemy (U.S. Army) But if you want make that tank start to kill and move you need be near it. So in this map also was @Sisje also the server was on super hardcore :D and whole time i was hiding on side of tank :D , so it is big ass cover and also moves always with you.



MAP: Kriegsmarine

Gameplays: Stronghold, Entrenchment.



As i mentioned before that server was set on super hardcore :D so @Sisje and me doesn't hold so long even on first point. But the map is interesting, as i know that map is based on CoD ( if i am correct). This map is the most to close area (urban, insade in base). Actually not much i can say about this map.


MAP: Marketgarden

Gameplays: Stronghold, Entrenchment.



I played this in other server because "Super hardcore" was..er.. to hard to me :D. This map i actually liked it has good advantage point for sniper in wind mill which is on map's centre. The most map is open but also covered with high grass or wheat fields, so you can rush through no one will see you :D.


MAP: DOI_V2_Forest

Gameplays: Stronghold.



This map....THIS MAP...DIS MAP solves the main problem "Rush tactics" and requires the real cooperation, because you can't rush without Tank, yes? -Of course, yes :D. So tank is most important object in this map without it you can't capture points also gives a challenge for team in tank's route it can be blockades like those on picture so you need to clean up with TNT. Also i like in this map you don't need to be engineer for TNT or don't need to equip the TNT, it has some points with boxes of TNT, also on Tank and in Bunker you can find heavy MG and even you will get extra mag for it. Also for snipers has some advantage points...it was so fun in it.



MAP: WEB_Carentan

Gameplays: Stronghold, Entrenchment.



Is well know battle of Carentan durring overlord operation, also it become famous after Series of Band of Brothers...it is so accurate by that Series even has those trenches on each side of road. This map actually big maybe that will slower that "rush tactics" but i am not sure...well we will see in Testing field. So you can see that episode of Band of Brothers:Attack Cerantan:



And the Part No. 1 ends here, be on folks!


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Carentan was a favorite of mine in multiple games including Day of Defeat: Source.

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Hello again, this time i was promoted and last time i reviewed some pretty fun and best for coop maps. Today i will continue review maps, but the simple ones, even the simple ones is pretty interesting. SO..shall we?...


*Changes the vinyl record side, puts back in gramophone and turns on*





[Part No. 2]


MAP: Causeway

Gameplays: Stronghold, Entrenchment.



So this map is based on Battle of Walcheren Causeway or known as Operation:Vitality . Map is rich of nature, also it gives good cover or hiding place as: Swamp with high grass, wheat fields and bushes. Also i like in that map when you go to other point after capturing two points you will get in one building which is turned into Wehrmacht munition base. In that base you can find G 43's, MG42's, Stg 44, FG42 and etc. when you pick one of those weapons you will get extra ammo (Take Stg 44 because everyone likes it).


MAP: Monte Cassino

Gameplays: Stronghold, Entrenchment.



Other map also based by real battle (Battle of Monte Cassino)[some mad Italians and Nazis trying steal pasta recipe :D]. The map is interesting by its environment (grape bushes, huge buildings) also all battle goes in urban location so you will find cover easily. But this map has some disadvantages so even i played with bots it was very quick, because the map size is about small - medium, so capturing points actually is near it by each other.



MAP: Tobruk

Gameplays: Stronghold.



Seems the most maps is based on real history...So.. The Siege of Toburk .Battle goes on sandy surface built city, environment is interesting by map planing. Simple gameplay in it ...well not much i can say it about this map.



MAP: Dianville

Gameplays: Stronghold, Entrenchment.



Well as "Dianville" it doesn't exist :D but only i know "Damville" which is small French village. And what i dig about it just that fact in 1944 August 23 was established U.S. Army command post...well it is plausible it was like kinda conflict in there, but not that big as mentioned before. So about the map :D, good simple map, battle goes in urban location, but interesting is its sound surroundings it is like near that village goes very big battle. Also you can find some tunnels in it so you from one spot you can reach the point with best cover or maybe hide from bombing, but i didn't test that :D .



MAP: The Catacombs

Gameplays: Stronghold.



History time... well actually Nazis was established the bunker in catacombs in France :D. So maps it is pretty big as shown on right, and also is like a maze. I was lost in this map about two times so...the tip: follow the Bot :D. Also that map makes good challenge in it it so closed area in some tunnels just can fit 2 - 3 people. But it was so fun...also when you going with MG 😂 (flamethrower = you die instantly).

Thanks for reading it, that is all for today....wait for next part!



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nice job garry thanks for taking your time to do this very helpful :)

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