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Understanding Weapon Spread - Enemy Territory

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The first thing you need to understand about weapon spread is HOW and WHAT causes it before you can learn to minimize it. Based on my own personal experience and knowledge i've obtained over the years of playing ET is that there are FOUR main factors that have a considerable or significant effect on a bullets trajectory.









Strafing, jumping,crouching etc will all have an effect on bullet spread. Our ultimate goal is of course to minimize bullet spread as much as possible to increase accuracy. To do this, we have to understand which movement has a positive or negative effect on bullet spread.






Both of these movements will most definitely increase the range of bullet spray but are still necessary when facing an opponent. The answer to reduce bullet spread is not to stop these all together but to learn how to implement other methods of movement such as crouching, or to use your surroundings to your advantage. For example, hiding behind a wall momentarily to reset your aim.






Standing Still vs Crouching/Proning






Standing still will decrease your bullet spray quite a bit in comparison to to sprinting or walking. Your bullets may become more accurate to where your "cross-hair" is positioned BUT you make yourself an easy target for the enemy. Standing still is strongly ill advised.



Firing when crouching shows a considerable reduction in bullet spread. The downside is that it does slow your movements. You become more predictable and easier to track especially at great distances. So constant crouching is also not advised.



Proning has about the same effect on bullet spread as crouching. Proning has a major drawback though. When proned, the only part of your body that the enemy is able to hit is your head which causes the maximum amount of damage possible. Crouching is much more preferred over Proning. I recommend proning only to be used during close quarter combat where it causes your opponent significant amount of time to lock back onto you once your prone.







Jumping when fighting is a big No. This will double the bullet spread of your weapon as well as making it easy for you enemy to predict your movements as he can tell where you will land.





Learn to implement different styles of play by avoiding using the same movements repeatedly. The ultimate player will know how to change his game style like the flick of a switch to maximize his unpredictability.











Firing your weapon will naturally increase your bullet spread but obviously you're not just going to stand there like a bot. There are techniques to maximize the efficiency of your clip.

Non-stop firing of your weapon will dramatically Increase bullet spread so try to shoot in bursts whenever possible. Short range fights usually don’t last long and every hit is crucial, so in most cases you are forced to shoot continuously and shooting in bursts is no option. Long range fights generally take longer so shooting small bursts of 4 to 5 bullets each should be considered if you can’t start of the fight with doing massive damage to your opponent. Concentrate on short range duels to get the maximum out of you rounds.





Pistols like the luger or colt have a lot of recoil but are a lot more accurate in terms of less bullet spread due to reduced firing rate. To counter the recoil, constantly drag your mouse

downwards slowly during combat. This will take practice but once it becomes habit, you won't even realize you're doing anything differently.







Receiving Enemy Fire



Receiving enemy fire will definitely increase bullet spread. When you get hit by your opponent, your screen shakes. This will hurt your aim. Further more the knock back will raise weapon spread. Both make it inevitable for you to lock onto your opponent. Utilize strafe with and without stamina, use obstacles as cover as well as adapting crouch and proning to your movements to reduce the chances of getting hit.


It is impossible to not get hit provided the opponent knows how to play ET so practicing in these situations as much as possible is the only way to overcome and kill your enemy faster. Generally, the first person to get a shot off wins because it makes it harder for the opponent to regain his aim and its that split second that can win the fight.






Looking Around


Every time you move your mouse, bullet spray increases. You can see this by enabling pulsating cross-hairs "set cg_crosshairPulse 1". You will notice that your cross-hair changes size every time you move. The larger it is, the greater your bullet spread. Of course you can't change this but the longer you fire for, the greater the increase in size of your cross-hair signifying large bullet spread. Halting your fire every now and again will reset your cross-hair /bullet spread to default. So practice and learn how to implement this technique into your game play.




Note : This tutorial is aimed to better your game and to create an awareness and understanding of bullet spread which you will learn to naturally integrate into your gameplay.




Thanks for reading. If I missed anything out. Please PM me and I will add it in. :) Enjoy Fragging!

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