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Enhmod Antirush not works


Hello @all,


i run a jaymod server and have decided to install enhanced mod. I do not know why :D but 

i did it xD. 

I've edited the antirush.cfg and antirush do not works at all. No matter what i am doing. I tried

to add antirush ingame and manually too. If i activate antirush ingame, it's useless. And if i

add entities ingame, it have no effect in the antirush.cfg. Additionaly there is no error message

in console. Only it is shown that enhmod is running.


Do you have a solution? Do you know how to activate antirush? 

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it is strange that no one has answered you in a year,

someone can tell me where to download antirush?

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 Last Active Aug 04 2016 02:26 PM

I don't think he ever will read this or care ;) I think the topic can be locked

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It's part of Enhanced Mod db you can find all jaymod versions on here.


The database has to be built typically like any other database this is the default maps it only covers in this will try to explain.


name    = oasis   <----- is the .bsp file name of the map located in the pk3 maps/mapname.bsp
key     = Nord_Anti_Tank_Gun  <----- This is the script name or the trigger targetname check in pak0.pk3 this would be in maps/mapname.script
team    = 2.000000           <--- assuming this is Allies cause of key above
coordx  = 9552.000000   <---- map coords of location of trigger hehe decomplie to find all 3 with gtk when you open gtk the face is up and right can't recall off the top of my head how it loads but should be.
coordy  = 4717.000000
coordz  = -200.000000
radius  = 300  <------ how far around the target to be timed out
timeout = 15   <----- assuming this is the time to deactivate during game play if map is 20 mins long at 15 release
method  = r  <--- beats me guessing it's the dyno same for next key
name    = oasis
key     = South_Anti_Tank_Gun
team    = 2.000000
coordx  = 9608.000000
coordy  = 3925.000000
coordz  = -200.000000
radius  = 300
timeout = 15
method  = r
The file is jaymod so the files in it go in jaymod play around till you get it :)
You can lock it now it's answered XD
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