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lil problem


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Show us SS what you see in your console?


U can use xfire to take SS of your console OR


Use ~ key to bring down console and type autoscreenshot and then hit enter.


SS would be saved in Jaymod SS folder.


SS = Screenshot.

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this happens when you have scrolled up in the console just before the map changes... it's not a glitch or anything just an aftereffect of the way the console works.


the console is a "stack" of data. old lines are at the top and new ones pop in at the bottom. the game can only display so many lines before it's full and it starts dropping lines off the top of the stack.


what happens is, you have scrolled up near the top of it, but when map changes like 100+ lines are written to the console, so the top of the stack, the part you were looking at, got dumped. that's why your console is blank, and the little arrows show you are scrolled up.


normally you could use page down to scroll back to the bottom of the stack but after a map change, you're like standing at the top of a ladder but all the bottom rungs are deleted so you can't "scroll down" through them.


i don't know if "ctrl+end" works to get back to the bottom of the stack? "ctrl+end" is the standard windows instruction to "go to the end of the line that you are looking at" ( btw "ctrl+home" takes you to the beginning of a line ).. but most of the line itself has been dumped. dunno. if it works that's great! but here is another solution that is what i always do when my console looks like this, and it works for sure:


if you type



in the console it will delete all the console messages and start you at the bottom of the stack again.


K maybe too much information but i always like to understand things before i start troubleshooting them.

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