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Ping spikes


So I keep getting lag spike intervals, game runs smoothly for 15-20 seconds, then the connection drops to zero (like someone unplugged my router) for 5 seconds, then it goes back to normal for 15-20 seconds.. endless cycle.


Now my internet isn't very good, but I went to my friends house and he has an above average connection, I got the lag spikes but they were less frequent and not as long. Perhaps it could be my laptop?


Pics below, first pic is the connection dropped (middle of ping spike) Second pic; look at lag-o-meter, that's what the pink spike looks like after it passes.






I am running Windows 8, ET 2.60b. 60 maxpackets

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What kind of hardware specs does your laptop have?

You might check for FPS drops by typing /cg_drawfps 1 into your console. If they're bad enough, that can cause a "Connection Interrupted" event.

To determine possible lag coming from your internet connection, we'd need a WinMTR report directed to the affected server, ran for 100 packets.

Since it looks like you're playing on a Silent Mod server, here are the domain names for them:

  • silent1.clan-fa.com
  • b2.clan-fa.com (beginners 2)
  • hc.clan-fa.com

To keep the report legible, please upload a screenshot of the WinMTR window, or have it copy text to the clipboard, and then insert that into your post, using the code function. The code formatting is available by clicking the button that looks like "<>", between the image icon and the quote icon. Just paste it into the main box (no need for a starting line number), and click "OK"

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