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  1. I wonder what that little kid is protesting about...
  2. So I was messing around and tried that and it didn't work, but i did eventually restarting my computer and then it kind of just worked after that.
  3. Well this did work and I did end up successfully installing the drivers after a few attempts, but setting r_primitives 2 still crashes the game.
  4. So I bought a cheap refurbished PC for like $75, works perfectly just for light usage and gaming. This PC should run things like ET and CS:GO pretty fine except there are a lot of FPS drops, in ET especially and CS:GO crashes mid map load. I figured out that it is indeed my graphics drivers are out of date and could use an update. Some programs even tell me that it's over 800 days out of date so it's been a while Now it's just a crappy integrated card from 2012 (ATI Radeon HD 4200) but it should still be able to play ET and CS:GO fine but it doesn't, hell I can't even set r_primitives 1 or change a lot of ET settings because it crashes with an OpenGL error likely caused by the very outdated driver. The issue is that there is an update available for my driver but when I go to download it, it only lets me choose Windows 7 or Windows 8 as my OS yet i'm running Windows 10. I have no idea what to do. I've looked on Google but haven't found anything of use, hopefully someone here knows. Surely there must be a way to install Legacy drivers on a new OS? Thanks
  5. I'm pretty sure the final version is running on Jay1. I've haven't experienced any crashes while playing on it though
  6. Don't make the mistake I did, I still use my Xbox 360 and this game is absolute trash on the lastgen consoles. No campaign, downgraded/shitty graphics. 30FPS fro zombies, 30-60 on multiplayer, no season pass, a lot of the guns are missing that are on the nextgen/PC version. Can't believe I wasted my money on this, should have just gotten it for PC/Xbox One.
  7. So I got a new notebook for school since my other one was a getting old, but I lost all my settings. My ET runs like crap now (20-30fps) even with better hardware. Also the black bars on the side of the screen and what not. 1. CPU: AMD A6-6310 APU 1800mhz 2. RAM: 6GB 3. Graphics card: AMD Radeon R4 graphics 4. 17 inch screen, 1366x768 res, 60hz 5. 50/50, but if it's still too slow then performance for sure 6. No clue, whatever rids of the black bars. 800x600 if anything 7. 3.75 8. 0 9. 105 thanks for your help!
  8. Okay so I had to reformat my PC today due to a problem, I installed ET like usual and connected to Jay1.. It started download the jaymod 2.2.0 .pk3 and about 1/4 of the way through the download freezes, the D/L rate decreases by 1 kb every second and the download itself just gets stuck. I've tried reconnecting and it doesn't even start, (the console stating that there's already an active download when their isn't) and I've also tried other servers and nothings budged. I live in a rural area and my ISP isn't the greatest, but i've never encountered this problem before even when my ISP was shitty some days, any clue as to what could be causing this?
  9. So before I could view video files that i moved from my iphone to my computer perfectly fine, Now I am unable to for some reason. If I try to play a video (.MOV file) with any video player.. it crashes. open the video with VLC player? crashes the native video app in windows 8? crashes windows media player? crashes quicktime player (used to PLAY iPhone videos)? crashes. Same goes with pictures, even if they are from my phone or ones that I downloaded, can't open them windows photo viewer/gallery it just crashed too. have to open them all in paint just to view them. If anyone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated
  10. CanadaEh

    Ping spikes

    So I keep getting lag spike intervals, game runs smoothly for 15-20 seconds, then the connection drops to zero (like someone unplugged my router) for 5 seconds, then it goes back to normal for 15-20 seconds.. endless cycle. Now my internet isn't very good, but I went to my friends house and he has an above average connection, I got the lag spikes but they were less frequent and not as long. Perhaps it could be my laptop? Pics below, first pic is the connection dropped (middle of ping spike) Second pic; look at lag-o-meter, that's what the pink spike looks like after it passes. I am running Windows 8, ET 2.60b. 60 maxpackets
  11. Remove Tramfight. It's a huge pain in the ass with a full server. Also would like to see "Resurrection" being played
  12. going out for a rip are ya bud?

  13. Oh really? Most of the times I kill him hes somehwere around the map.. I personally never seen him in the spawn but Olly's screenshot says otherwise. I really need to pay attention more... lol
  14. Weird, I usually never see Maddog in the spawn handing out ammo, he will honestly go the whole map just handing out ammo to everyone, he will got like 0-15 or 0-18 the WHOLE time, just handing out ammo all over the map, possibly the weirdest player i've seen in a long time. But i agree though, it's kind of annoying when they don't contribute anything to the team

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