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Invalid user information - ETlegacy


Hey there,


I've downloaded ET Legacy to check how much fps i got there, but somehow I cant open my etkey there.

Was connecting Jay3 and after few min got auto kick (probebly for Clantag without lvl), but then I tried to reconnect and I cant.

Reopned the client and still cant connect any server now, it says to me - 


'Invalid user information' which I've been told connected to my etkey.



Also, how can I make that client of Legacy to work on window mode (only able to do fullscreen window, I want small window like in photo)



Can someone help figure it out ?





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that error appears when you delete your entire name in game.you always have to keep at least 1 symbol to avoid that error.

to fix it you have to type in a new name some how i guess the best way is in ET main in options.it might also work if you change your profile name,not sure about that..

or you delete your whole profile folder then you will get a new profile folder automatically  once you start ET and you can type in a new name

hope this helps :)


also this http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/65821-problem-with-connecting-to-serversissues-with-renaming-myself/?hl=invalidate

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When you get disconnected (Or you have jaymod loaded): 

/seta name puni

That should fix username error.


ETLegacy uses SDL which has a good minimizer ( Just hit alt-tab ) and you will be back to desktop, so you don't really need to play windowed.

But if you still wish to play minimized:

seta r_fullscreen 0

Should do it.

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Working now, thanks guys ! :)


Also, there is anyway to get my old etkey into that client ?

Cant get it :S

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