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Problem with VIP Membership Purchase? READ ME!

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As many of you have noticed (or for those who have recently donated have noticed) that the payment confirmation haven't gone through as fast as they used to. That is because we had experienced some problem with paypals. To solve the problem, all donations now have to be manually approved by a founder.

The problem is, it is hard to tell who donated and who renewed and who didn't renew. So to help figure this out we ask that you create a support ticket. Support tickets are only for those who's purchases didn't go through or had some sort of problem that needs to be addressed.

Examples of when you use a support ticket:

-You paid and you were not set on forums.

-You renewed but your membership still ran out.

-You received a cancellation of payment.

-You were charged double (triple and so on...)


Examples of when not to use a support ticket:

-When you want your background changed on your profile.

-When Speed teases you about being a VIP

-When pluto hits saturn.

-If you want the donor award (use tracker)


In the support ticket we need to know:

-What the exact problem is

-The receipt number

-The amount donated (or how much you were over/undercharged)

-Any additional information that will make our lives more easier.



So if you recently purchased/donated and are experiencing any problems regarding donations. Please use support ticket. If you have any additional problems such as you want your own welcome banner or have suggestions for vip only commands, then use either tracker or contact us.

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Yo. Got a question.


I'll ask here first, because spam. Hah.


I have currently two VIP's through my paypal (one for me and one for rae). I cancelled the VIP so that it didn't auto renew just in case shit happens between now and renewal time.


Did this cancel both, or just one? I didn't see two entries in my paypal. I see one for VIP gold even though I bought plat. 


is it also better for me to just get her to create a new PP and link my card so that it comes in as two separate account payments? 

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