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Admins problem


Hello, Im Go$treet and play a lot on the Fun #1 server, i discovered that there are allmost none admins online in the afternoon. meanwhile i play a lot with unballanced teams. like 3 v 8. so my question sounds: can someone pointed by the community that is online a lot get a adminlevel (lvl 2 orso) to ballanced teams. or can you recruit more members to the community so we all can fix this little problem. i prefer the last one and NOT be the one pointed for the adminlevel because i'am not a clan member of the community.  but it's really anoying when people dont want to fix the teams and play the whole map against too much... the fun dissapears real fast because of it.. as for the server name is: Fun #1 :)


Your Sincerely,



The Netherlands

feel free to move it to another proper section haha didn't know where i could post it..

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Unfortunately, I don't have 40k xp. I have 20k. And no, I haven't been in a clan, in years. ^_^  


As Daredevil said u can join if u like our server and u like to help. 20k is missing so what :P it will be 40k soon ,dont worry.

Make an apply and u will be given !putteam command.

Till then good luck and happy fraaggging



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40,000 XP is required to be accepted to Trial Membership, but is not required to apply. It is good to get to know the regular admins on your favorite server and to let them know that you might be interested in joining. They can then have ready opinions when you do apply. Check out the application forum and the stickies before doing anything: http://fearless-assassins.com/forum/184-applications-join-us/ I see that we have Stickies for each game that FA sponsors. ET is the bottom-most one. :) Check the Wiki for Admin and Server rules, too.


If you add your GUID to your profile, then DD may give you level 4 Admin. This would allow you to !mute and !putteam players. I was in another clan when Joker offered me the same deal, and I took it! :)


The same goes for GoStreet: we like players who post about a problem, rather than just rant and rave on the server! Players admitted to the Clan are those who want to help.

My GUID is already in my profile  :D

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