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Ol Smoke

How smart are butterflies ?

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Yesterday I was out in the yard setting the sprinklers up for summer.  I had one side of the yard system going and there are three

heads that overlap each other.  I looked over to my right and noticed a yellow butterfly on a piece of string near a bush.  Two of

the sprinklers sprayed in that area where the butterfly was sitting.  The other is across the yard.  I watched the butterfly try to fly

away but it kept getting sprayed.  Then the most amazing thing happened.


The Butterfly flew up about 10 inches, sat down,  did it again, and again.  Each time it did that I noticed the sprinklers were in a

different area of the yard.  Suddenly, the butterfly took off diagonally across the yard, when at that exact moment in time, the sprinklers

were all pointing away from the center of the spray area.  The butterfly flew into our Arborvitae trees and went inside it.  I could not

believe what I had just saw.  It had timed those spray heads to the exact point in time when it knew it could fly through them without

getting wet.  Below is a diagram, if I lost you.  Black arrows are the spray heads and the red line is the route of the butterfly.

I never tire of finding out how smart our creatures are in this world we live in.



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So what is the Red square and dot outside of the black square? I cannot comprehend these alien anomalies.

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Sounds like you got good weed. :lol2:

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What mutant butterfly have you got breeding in your backyard eh?

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