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Ol Smoke

Need some help with a COD4 re-install....

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This is a really annoying problem that I am having since I installed COD4 into my new system with Windows 7 Pro on it.


When I am going around the map, it keeps pausing for a msec when I reach certain areas.  It's like it is loading the next section of the map.


Also, everytime I score a kill, the screen freezes for a msec or so.


I never saw this problem before, until Win7.  Now I have updated my drivers and stuff but this is annoying.  I don't know if it is sound or video

causing this problem.  The sound on this board is the IDT surround from intel.  This is an intel MB.  I am still running my GT9600 NVidia video



Now here is the weird thing.  When I first built this PC and had it running for a day or two, I installed COD4 and patched it to ver 7 and reinstalled

my config and profile settings, it ran great.  But, when the HDD started to fail, I had to put in another HDD and rebuild it from scratch again.

Since then, I have had this little hesitation in COD4.


Anyone know any reason why this could be happening.  I am running the sound system into my Logitech headset as stereo 44hz.  I am running

COD4 in 22hz to same some bandwidth timing.  I have always done that.

I am going to try another set of headphones that plugs into the audio card directly instead of USB like the Logitech.  I will see if that makes any



Thanks fellas

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What are the HDD specs?

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I highly doubt that the headphones will fix the problem.  For me, it doesn't actually sound like a problem with the HDD, but instead with the game itself. Like the game memory was corrupted. But then again I've been wrong.

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