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Ol Smoke

Washington Redskins name change....

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Everything today is politically correct.  Except when it comes to American Indians.  The American government still hates us and wishes we would vanish.  People remember the Jewish people

being wiped out during WWII in Europe and declare that that action was deplorable.  Today we have movie stars fighting for African people being killed by the thousands.  We can't criticize

Obama without being made out a bigot or something.  BUT.....


football teams all over America can use Indian slurs as much as they want to and the government won't do anything.   WTF??


Washington Redskins    Cleveland Indians   and so on even down into college and high school.


Well if a football team or high school team or whatever were called   "The Spear Chuckers"  or  "The Running Jigaboos"  or  " Washington Darkies"  or "The Slant Eyes"  or how about

the "Los Angeles Greasers" how long would that go one?  But it's okay to use racial slurs and epithets of American Indians??  Redskin is a horrible name the whites used to call us.  It

means the same thing as  nigger.   But you will get chills up and down your back is you say nigger, but it is okay to call an American Indian a redskin, without anyone thinking it is a really

bad thing.  And you know what?  We don't even call each other that name!  The blacks of this country call each other nigger all the time.  But redskin I would never call a brother that name.


You sit back in your lounge chair on game days and don't think a thing about but our little guys are called names all the time that other minorities would never put up with.  The government

would be holding all kinds of special meetings to get those black names changed, or Mexican names, or Asian names changed in a heartbeat.  But once again, the Indian has no meaning to

this country.  Do you know that there were more Indians killed by white people in this country than all the Jews anywhere.  The number is around 11 million.



If you don't think there is bias about what I am saying,  watch which words in here get edited out.




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  It's kinda like the term "redneck" which I hear a lot where I am from.. Most people use it in the manner of, being from the south, racist, hick, dumb, or stupid, kinda like using the term hillbilly. But my grandmother who was a full blooded cherokee indian, and so was my mother, told me before she died in 91 that while she lived on a reservation in North Carolina, that the local whites called them that as a derogatory name, because the color of their skin and because of their harsh way of living. It was meant as a way of looking down on them and at some point, as an insult to other whites, they would call each other this name as a way of saying you are lesser than other people, or not as good, uneducated or flat out stupid. We still hear it a lot these days, which more often than not is still meant to hurt. Though I have began to take pride in it, because it is a part of my history and who I am, though my dad was german and my mom Indian, I still  wear the mohawk proudly and take comfort every time we are called redneck.. Yeah I am a redneck and proud of it :D

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Nothing changes unless it's popular.


There are only a couple of great minds behind every great social change for every group of sheep fueling it.

This is true in almost everything. You get enough people to say something is true, it becomes fact, regardless of whether or not it is actually true.


Before they will change their name, they will donate millions to Native American reservations nationwide, to prove somehow that they are really great people who don't want to offend. But the point is, they will only do what is popular, and what will lose them the least amount of money, and since the Europeans killed of 99% of the native americans, there really isn't a big enough group of victims to get a spot on MSNBC, CNN or Fox news (as if Fox would ever give a shit about anyone who isn't a WASP/C).  And since the remaining Native American population has lost all leadership and been utterly reduced to in-fighting, cultural self-mutilation, and social decay, I don't see a big move happening unless they can jump on someone else's train.


It's a sad truth, and I agree with you.


Rage accepted.

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