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  1. Hey all, I worked for a speaker company for a while, I play music, and I am studying sound design and mix engineering. So, as you can imagine, I am quite into speakers. What are your guys' setups and what speaker shit are you into? I am just about to get these: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_107LSI705C/Polk-Audio-LSi-M-705-Mount-Vernon-Cherry.html?tp=185&awkw=28941106945&awat=pla&awnw=g&awcr=7847619385&awdv=c and this: http://hsuresearch.com/products/vtf-3mk4.html What's in your place? I'm also looking into near-field monitors but haven't found anything I really like. The NS-10's aren't around anymore, and I don't know what to get that repliactes them
  2. Apparently ChowYoung's fire balls. xD
  3. Hey guys, Sorry I was off-the-air for a little while (not that long). Here's what I was up to. It's really old-school music. Stuff I never thought I would be playin'. But I ended up lovin' the music and the guys I'm playin with, so here I am.... https://soundcloud.com/theworldfair/sentimental-gentleman-from-1 Feedback please! So that's what I been up to in my away-from-cod4 time. I been playin' on the server again recently. -Narb
  4. Hello, This is just a suggestion. From my moderator experience, it is very good to allow the "Press F to Spawn" time after a death. Why? This allows moderators (and players) to scroll through spectate mode without switching to spectate mode (which creates a very noticeable skull and crossbones in the killfeed, as well as a very noticeable addition to the spectator team). It is much quicker to spectate any player one wishes to this way without giving notice to cheaters that someone is doing so. The only hint is that your dogtags are next to your name. This also gives players the opportunity to wait til AFTER airstrikes pass, or to wait for a time they feel is more appropriate, to respawn. Thanks! Narbisaur
  5. one of the best concept electronic albums of all time. One of the best electronic albums of all time. It's just so deep man.... new stuff emerges every time I hear it. Especially on a really good system (good high end, there isn't a lot of sub bass except on the percussion which is ucompressed in the low-end). Really well mixed. Doesn't sound bassy, but it's there. It's just not Massive drivel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHcHh6bzIRU Listen. And Enjoy.
  6. Well now, what do we have here, a bunch of posers posin' as soldiers when they softer than cashmere.
  7. Narbisaur

    Drug Tests

    Well one of the main points I was trying to make is that these tests are not representative of whether someone has a drug problem or not. I mentioned that a raging alcoholic could take the test sober and that person's test results would be used as evidence by their employer that they have no drug problem, which is completely the opposite of the truth. On the other hand, someone who tests positive for weed may have, like you said, been around a group of people who were smoking weeks before, and the employer uses their positive result as "proof" that they have a drug problem and should not be hired. I wouldn't want to hire someone who smokes weed every day, multiple times a day. I also wouldn't want to hire someone who came to work intoxicated, ever. But these drug tests would be next to useless in terms of how they would help me determine who is and isn't a heavy/irresponsible user.
  8. Narbisaur

    Drug Tests

    What I was talking about was the majority. I said that people drink to get drunk, and that Budweiser is manufactured and marketed as a great mechanism to do so. Yea, there are people who just drink it for the drinking experience. But the majority are definitely looking for the alcohol (their huge buzzword is "Drinkability," as in easy to drink lots of). And of course, I can only comment on the USA. because that is the only place I really have any experience with, concerning drug tests and laws.
  9. Narbisaur

    Drug Tests

    I think I meant to say that a large portion of people who drink do so specifically for the alcohol, and not for the flavor or sensation of the beverage, first and foremost. Alcoholism is a different beast for every person. Who do you think breweries make their largest amount of money from? The people who drink one beer a day (maybe two)? Or the people who buy a six pack every other day and a case every weekend? Who do you think bars make the most of their money to? People who get one beer on a dinner date? Or the regulars, who drink 5 drinks every time? I'd think it would also matter what age group one was looking at when determining how much people drink and for what reasons.
  10. Narbisaur

    Drug Tests

    You can drink one beer and still function, and if you smoked a similar amount of weed to drinking one beer, you could function as well. Have you ever smoked weed? How many times? It would be very difficult to really take a stance on which inhibits you more unless you have tried both. And as with everything, it's a matter of degree. If the only time you've smoked weed, you took huge bong rips of some really strong shit, you're not getting a very clear picture. That would be like having only drank a fifth of vodka by yourself the first time you drink, and using that as your basis of comparison. And while I make that comparison, it really wouldn't be as bad as drinking a fifth of vodka to yourself. That would make you a blithering idiot. Smoking that much weed would just make you pretty loopy, but you wouldn't be falling all over yourself, vomiting, and possibly have to go to the hospital (depending on who you are and how big you are). Also, even with the strongest stuff out there, it is practically impossible to overdose on weed. However, it is QUITE easy to get blackout drunk and get alcohol poisoning. The driving limit where I live is about 2 beers in one hour for a 6' male @ 170 pounds. Take that into account on how much alcohol inhibits a person. I would also say that more people drive drunk than smoke weed, and there is no test for that on employment applications. You don't even have to say you got DUI's (which just means you got caught). I would be much more worried about someone who thought it was okay to drive over the limit (and possibly run some little girl over) than someone who smokes weed every once in a while. And you could easily tell if someone was drunk. Way more easily than if they were a little high. People who are high don't stumble around and lose balance. People who are high don't get idiotic and start fights with people and talk shit to people. I think you might not have so much experience with weed (i'm not trying to be rude, at all, please excuse me if I have come off that way). And I would say MOST people drink to feel the effects. Why do you think they go to bars? Why do people buy cheap liquor? Why are there fruity, easy to drink, high % alc/vol drinks like mikes harder lemonade, and the like? It's certainly not for the taste. And of course you smoke to get high. People take their ADD meds to get high, too. It's just a different kind of high. People drink coffee to feel the caffeine, too. And people drink to get drunk. Budweiser is NOT a great beer. It's cheap and if you drink 3 or 4 you can get a lil looser. It's made to get people drunk, and that's why they buy it. Wine on the other hand is usually a different story. But the majority of people out there are drinking beer, and lots of it.
  11. Narbisaur

    Drug Tests

    Actually, the effects of a hangover (using alcohol to the extent of getting as impaired as smoking weed) are much more intense than the post-effects of weed. Someone who is a raging alcoholic could easily pass a drug test, whereas someone who smoked wee once 3 weeks prior to the drug test will get a positive result. This result for the alcoholic is used by employers as evidence that they do not have a drug problem. The positive result for marijuana says only that. It doesn't include any information about what levels of THC were in someone's body, how frequently they use, how long ago they used...etc. My point is that a drug screening is an entirely inaccurate way to tell if someone will be sober for work, and provides little to no information about how efficiently they work in comparison with other applicants. In fact, like I said, the most industrious people I know smoke quite frequently, and do not drink frequently, at all. Also, I don't know where you are getting your information, but the effects of THC in the body go away after about 2-3 hours. Usually less. While it may take a while for the body to filter out THC from fat cells where it gets stored, it's active time in the brain is much much less, and very similar to that of alcohol. Also, a drug screening prior to employment seems kind of useless. Random drug screenings during working hours would make much more sense, as people who are drunk or inebriated on some other drug would be weeded out much more practically.