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Server Update Map rotation for F|A Jaymod #2 XPS Enemy Territory Gaming Server - May 2013

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ET Beach is a fun map to play; we should keep it.


Adlernest is good.



TC Base is a good map, but it will be a piece of cake for allies.



I agree with you about Bremen.



How about this one (Fuel Depot) ? Usually intense and fun.



Axis on offense ? How about Et Ice ?



You have also Berserk.



Warbell is also a good choice.



Paris Bastile is boring IMO


Okay, I stop spamming.

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I hope new maps (or map what we not see Jay2 this couple months) Yeah UJE00 Is cool to get. But if we get new rotation im happy for that too no big wishes. Only that we keep Venice. :P That is my all time favorite. :D

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