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Is easy only need open ur console and type the binds, /vsay "bind"

EnemyDisguised: "Enemy in disguise!"

PathCleared: "Path cleared."

EnemyWeak: "The enemy is weakened."

AllClear: "All clear."

Incoming: "Incoming!"

FireInTheHole: "Fire in the hole!"

OnDefense: "I'm on defense."

OnOffense: "I'm attacking."

TakingFire: "Taking fire!"

MinesCleared: "Mines cleared."

NeedBackup: "I need backup!"

CoverMe: "Cover me!"

NeedEngineer: "We need an engineer!"

NeedOps: "We need Covert Ops!"

Medic: "Medic!"

NeedAmmo: "I need ammo!"

NeedTarget: "I need a target!"

WhereTo: "Where to?"

FollowMe: "Follow me!"

LetsGo: "Let's go!"

Move: "Move!"

ClearPath: "Clear the path!"

HoldFire: "Hold fire!"

DefendObjective: "Defend our objective!"

DisarmDynamite: "Disarm the dynamite!"

ClearMines: "Clear the mines!"

ReinforceDefense: "Reinforce the defense!"

ReinforceOffense: "Reinforce the offense!"

DestroyPrimary: "Destroy the primary objective!"

DestroySecondary: "Destroy the secondary objective!"

DestroyConstruction: "Destroy the construction!"

ObjectiveDestroyed: "Objective destroyed!"

RepairVehicle: "Repair the vehicle!"

DestroyVehicle: "Destroy the vehicle!"

EscortVehicle: "Escort the vehicle!"

FireOnTarget: "Fire on my target!"

CommandAcknowledged: "Command acknowledged!"

CommandDeclined: "Command declined!"

CommandCompleted: "Command completed!"

ConstructionCommencing: "Construction underway!"

ConstructionCompleted: "Construction completed!"

ConstructionDestroyed: "Construction destroyed!"

ObjectiveFailed: "Objective failed!"

ObjectiveCompleted: "Objective completed!"

Affirmative: "Yes!"

Negative: "No!"

Thanks: "Thanks a lot!"

Welcome: "You're welcome."

Oops: "Oops!"

Sorry: "Sorry!"

Hi: "Hi!"

Bye: "Bye."

Cheer: "Yeah!"

GreatShot: "Great shot!"

GoodGame: "Good game!"

IamSoldier: "I'm a soldier."

IamMedic: "I'm a medic."

IamEngineer: "I'm an engineer."

IamFieldOps: "I'm a field ops."

IamCovertOps: "I'm a covert ops."

FTMeetWaypoint: "Meet at waypoint!"

FTAttackWaypoint: "Attack waypoint!"

FTchecklandmines: "Check for landmines!"

FTDefendWaypoint: "Defend waypoint"

FTAttack: "Attack!"

FTFallBack: "Fall back!"

FTCheckLandMines: "Check for landmines!"

FTCoverMe: "Cover me!"

FTCoveringFire: "Soldier, covering fire!"

FTMortar: "Deploy mortar!"

FTHealSquad: "Heal the squad!"

FTHealMe: "Heal me!"

FTReviveTeamMate: "Revive team mate!"

FTReviveMe: "Revive me!"

FTDestroyObjective: "Destroy objective!"

FTRepairObjective: "Repair objective!"

FTConstructObjective: "Construct the objective!"

FTDisarmDynamite: "Disarm the dynamite!"

FTDeployLandmines: "Deploy landmines!"

FTDisarmLandmines: "Disarm landmines!"

FTCallAirStrike: "Call airstrike!"

FTCallArtillery: "Call artillery!"

FTMortarBarrage: "Call mortar barrage!"

FTResupplySquad: "Resupply squad!"

FTResupplyMe: "Resupply me!"

FTExploreArea: "Explore area!"

FTExploreAtCoordinates: "Explore at co-ordinates!"

FTSatchelObjective: "Destroy satchel objective!"

FTInfiltrate: "Infiltrate!"

FTGoUndercover: "Go undercover!"

FTProvideSniperCover: "Provide sniper cover!"

[a] Last player who gave you ammo.

Las teammate who teambleeded you.

[c] Amount of teamdamage the last teammate inflicted to you.


[d] Last player who killed you

[f] Last teammate who called for ammo from a field ops.


[h] Last player who gave you health

[k] Last player you killed

[l] your current location

[m] Last teammate who called for a medic

[n] your name

[p] Teammate you are pointing at

[r] Last player who revived you

Your health

[t] ammo for current weapon

[w] weapon you are currently holding

[x] last player who connected to the server


for example: /bind F7 "vsay GreatShot [d]

/bind F8 "vsay Cheer [k]

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+1 on what alex said. And in future dont abuse the tags function. Use it properly. (example tags for this topic = bind, vsay, enemy territory, etc)



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Are you drunk Swiss? :clap:

haha always ¡BLEH! xP Edited by Krauersaut

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