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  1. Hello there!

    Hi Anthony!! And welcome to the jungle (forums)
  2. What song are you listening to right now? - Part 2

    Bakayaro konoyaro
  3. Hai Hai! ^_^

    welcome to the forum (:
  4. The Kiss is a sweet move that nature has invented to close the conversation when words become useless =P
  5. Hi xD

    Welcome back =]
  6. Hey

    Nice to meet you and welcome to the forums
  7. Hey

    welcome to the forums
  8. Put a big smile on your face yoyo! many girls say that I have smile superhero...dunno and thats my bear
  9. hey hey

    Welcome to forums ^^ Hola y bienvenido amigo =]
  10. she's my girlfriend and I'm very happy ... Sorry Achiyan
  11. Friend or foe?

    he is my only friend, you are my love and tipsy is the uncle bob
  12. smoking in colorado usa...I'm kidding DA HELL was made too small. -.-
  13. who is ladykris? Laura come with us to jay 1 ( JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA Im just kidding) Lady kris <3
  14. Friend or foe?

    I dont hate anyone, the only friend I have is casper
  15. S*** ET Players Don't Say.

    usually happens to me when i want to help my team mortar and panzer kill me many times especially when you go for the gold to the bank and all the axis cover their obj. (campers?) It is very frustrating