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mac or pc?

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I prefer Windows, but thats a bit because thats what ive grown up on and loved. What you want is all about what you want to do. Windows -- Good for mostly everything IMO. Mac - Just much better at pictures, video editing and such. Basically Silly stuff (in my opinion, though my sis is a photographer ^^) that most people on here and on other computer forums arent doing. Also, i just think macbooks are horribly overpriced and overglorified by its users. You can do pictures!? WOW! I can too, for about 1 grand less too! Just maybe not as easy, but people can get over their laziness.


Gaming on a mac is just a waste of time. You can try pirating, which my friend does, but he says its very annoying to do on his mac.


Mac and Windows are developed and written differently.


While Microsoft has done some not so good or clean things in the past, So has Apple. And Apple is still doing it today! So im just wondering why the hell we can rant on a big company for mistakes years ago, when a smaller(barely) one is still continuing these things today? (Food for thought, apple fanboys).


Also, I just really dont like iOS. With all the restrictions you have, its like you have a $1500 computer, but there are bars on everything you do, like a jailcell. Even itunes is a pain in the @$$.


I can't speak for linux since i've never had one/used one before.


Summary: Buy what you want, and what you can afford, but make sure its going to be optimized the best for what youre going to be doing.


entire point of my reply boils down to this. For people serious about computers, Mac's are likely not a great investment unless it's needed for a specific application. However for individuals that want a computing solution that is easy, fast and relatively safe and pain free then an Apple product is a good choice that offers better support than ~95% of OEM's. There are downsides to every computer, but my experience with Apple products has by far been a positive one.


I think i screwed up the quote :X


Anyway, No. Work better than 95% of OEMs/better support? No. If you buy from good brands when purchasing your parts, you will have absolutely no issue RMAing. Like me, i had no issue whatsoever RMAing my motherboard to ASRock. Oly reason we rma'd was because 2 slots werent working. While apple is a bit different. My friend had issues with them and had to pay to replace a new part under warranty from them...and he recieved the thing broken...

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If you want a slower more expensive computer that is limited in hardware and that only excels in video and photography get a mac. *Raises fist* Windows Power!

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Apple computers are mostly based on designing i.e graphic designers, photoshop... but i most prefer a personal computer something thats not to hard to figure out. Remember mac was not designed for games.



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