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Silly CTF - mp_sillyctf.pk3 - ET Map

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File Name: Silly CTF - mp_sillyctf.pk3

File Submitter: SjaaKTreKHaaK

File Submitted: 24 May 2011

File Category: Maps


The aim for this map has been to create a fast fun map and not spend time on inventing

a new look, it has a classic base feel over it and has been inspired from mp_ctfmultidemo,

has a lot of good and fun action for 1on1 play. This map however is aimed for a higher

player count, 3 per side is great fun but works well with 2on2 also. So here it

is, Silly CTF, Best played without air strikes, artillery strikes and panzerfausts.


Click here to download this file

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